A Guide to Office Style for Women

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If you are returning to the office soon, you will likely be thinking about wearing the right attire once again. Women working from home, dressing appropriately may still be required if you regularly attend meetings and similar formal functions. Work clothes can sound daunting to many since they are often attributed to the colours black, white, and grey. Likewise, more offices have been leaning towards a business casual dress code, but the term in itself can sound unclear and confusing.

Nowadays, there are tons of women’s work dresses and clothing pieces that will not only adhere to corporate dress codes but also help you express your fashion style. Achieving a professional look can certainly be challenging, especially if you are more experimental with what you wear. However, with the right tips, you can certainly master the office style.

Defining Business Casual

Women With offices being more modern and flexible today, business casual has become one of the standard attire requirements. However, the term tends to generate confusion as some companies may perceive this as more casual and laid back, while others may be looking for something more formal. To help you understand it better, business casual essentially refers to a semi-formal and polished outfit that looks smart and professional but is still comfortable.

Business casual, as its name suggests, has to do with balancing the business and casual look. You can think of it as a mix of the two attires, but business is still more important, so you can still expect your business essentials and staples.

Office Outfit Essentials

To prepare you for work, here are some wardrobe essentials that will work for all your office outfit needs. From women work dresses to midi skirts, these are classic pieces that can make your life easier.

  1. Pencil Midi Skirts

Pencil midi skirts are classic office attire that pairs well with various tops. If you wish to appear more polished and formal, tuck in your blouse into the skirt. But if your top is not too long or slightly cropped, keep it loose. Two pairs will be ideal, with one in a neutral colour like black and the other being patterned.

  • Work Dress

For those days Women do not want to spend time thinking of your outfit but still want to look presentable, a work dress will be perfect. Midi shirt dresses and other more corporate looking dresses are suitable for the office environment. You can finish the look with a pair of heels and a coat if needed.

  • Pants

Women office pants can be tricky since you want to avoid looking too casual. Generally, having a dressier pair is advisable for more formal days. Slim black pants are a classic, but you can always opt for a different type of trousers depending on your preference. That said, you may be surprised to know that those skinny jeans can also pass as office wear, provided that you dress it up and wear it with a more formal top to balance the look.

  • Shoes

Mules and pumps are shoe staples in the office, so if you want that additional height or need something more formal, getting a pair is a must. If needed, you can also get a pair of mules so you have comfortable flats that can come in handy on busy and tiring days. 

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