What can you do in the Altai Mountains in summer?

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The lofty mountains of the Altai Mountains and the glacial rivers winding between them-the amazing turquoise Katun River traverses the two states of Russia.

The capital is Gorno-Altaysk (Gorno-Altaysk), the Altai Republic borders Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia. The most popular resorts here are Lake Teletskoye, the “Manzherok” resort, and the The Seminsky Pass, the “Chemal” Holy Land, the “Uch Enmek” and the “Ukok” Ethnographic Park.

Altai Krai is an independent region with the capital of Barnaul. Representing the highest level of tourism here are the “Turquoise Cartoon River” tourism and leisure special economic zone and the “Siberia” ecological zone. You can go to “Srostki” village (Srostki), the “Tavdin” cave, the hometown of writer Vasily Schukshen, and visit the swan protection on Lake Svetloye (Lake Svetloye) District and other facilities, you can also go to “Belokurikha” (Belokurikha) to rest, to the historic Siberian city Biysk (Biysk) tourism.

A modern automobile road nearly 1,000 kilometers long-Chuya Highway (Russian route M52) passes through the two republics from north to south. Along the way, the most impressive scenic spots that were scattered everywhere are “stringed” by this road.

Chuya Highway and attractions along the way

At 354 kilometers from the Chuya Highway is Bisk-a small city, but very interesting, with a long history. Please visit Bisk Planetarium and the Rocket Space Technology Museum inside. The statue composed of two cannons is reminiscent of the important 18th century Bisk fortress. Look out for the theater building, the snow-white Uspenski Cathedral of the Dormition and dozens of historical buildings.

At 384 kilometers is the village of “Slostki”, the hometown of writer Vasily Schukshen. You can visit the “Childhood Home”, “Mother Manor”, the school, and the “Character of Shukshen” wood carving park. In the village of “Sroostki” there is a mountain called “Piket” nearly 300 meters away, on which there is a statue of Shukshin.

On the 435th kilometer is Gorno-Altaysk and the road to Lake Teretskoye. It takes 150 kilometers to get to this lake, but it’s worth it. The vast, deep, cold and picturesque Lake Teretskoye has been included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list. All infrastructure is concentrated on the north shore of the lake. The towns of Artybash and Yogach, which are connected by bridges, can easily be reached by car or bus—for example, from Bisk, Barnaul or Gorno-Altaysk. There are dozens of tourist centers with different service levels on the lake shore.

Only experienced winter swimming enthusiasts, or the lucky ones who came here from the end of July to the beginning of August, and those who can guess the hot weather time can catch up with a swim in Lake Teretskye. Basically, people do not come here for swimming, but for climbing, boating and fishing. You can rent bicycles, ATVs, and even horses from local residents! According to the agreement, the fishermen can use their motor boats to transport tourists to the attractions. The “Altai Pioneer” tourist and leisure ship operates on Lake Teretskoye. Tickets are sold at the Teretskye Lake Tourist Center called “Kedrogor”.

Here we only briefly describe the beauty of Altai and the scenic spots along the Qiuya Highway that are easy to reach in summer. Ge your visa for Russia, and rent a car or drive by yourself-start a fascinating and unforgettable trip to the Altai Mountains, or choose any of the above-mentioned places for vacation. Trust us, you will never be bored!

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