10+ Useful, Sustainable Gifts Everyone on Your List Will Love

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One of the few positive things that came out of 2020 was a reduction in greenhouse gasses, due to less travel as a result of emergency stay-at-home orders relative to the pandemic. Because of this, sustainable living has come to the forefront on many people’s minds. Many companies who were forced to allow their employees to work remotely, also took note of the many benefits remote work offers, including a smaller company footprint.

As the remote work trends are expected to continue, so is the trend that more and more people are making conscious efforts to go green. It’s quite understandable if your shopping list had to shrink this year, but if you’re looking to stuff some stockings with sustainable-yet-practical Sustainable Gifts, or you have a special someone who is very eco-friendly, check out these Sustainable Gifts!


Not related to Game of Thrones, the Sustainable Gifts GOT Bag is a multi-functional travel backpack made completely out of recycled plastic. In addition to being a sleek, roll-top backpack with multiple zipper compartments, it also is the product of more than 7 pounds of ocean plastic being re-used.

Solios Watch

Solios is an eco-friendly company that is very verbally and financially committed to sustainability. All of their watches are made with silicone bands, free of PVC, PU, and any toxic waste. As a bonus, they are currently offering a special edition watch, and every one sold will result in $50 being donated to the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

The Good Tee’s Tie-Dye Kit

Though certainly a bit overplayed, tie-dye and a love for nature have often gone hand-in-hand, and this gift marries the two wonderfully! The Good Tee’s natural tie-dye kit comes with an organically produced shirt, and enough all-natural dyes to make about 4 shirts. Perhaps the kit for the family and a shirt for a friend?

The Zero Waste Cookbook

If you have a chef in your life who is also very in-tune (or trying to become more so) with sustainable cooking, the Zero Waste Cookbook offers 100 different recipes that use every single part of a given ingredient.

Hautest Health Cork Yoga Mat

Cork mats are made from tree bark, that when removed sustainably, grows back and causes no harm to the tree. These mats, in particular, use oak bark, and are great alternatives to plastic mats that often get improperly recycled after they’ve run their course. If you know someone who suffers from anxiety and doesn’t yet try yoga, getting them the gear can be a nice push towards a very rewarding hobby.

Pure Anada Little Princess Shimmer Set

If you have any young people on your list who like playing dress up, the Little Princess Shimmer Set might be a good choice! The packet of cosmetics for youngsters includes non-toxic natural glitter, no-odor nail polish, and more. In addition, as glitter comes from mica, Pure Anada is committed to fighting against child-labor in foreign mines.

Pela Vision Biodegradable Sunglasses

How often have you seen someone leave their sunglasses at the beach, and how often have you heard a story about someone losing their stylish shades in a body of water? Though the stories do often cause a laugh, that is a plastic pollutant any way you paint it. Pela Vision makes (really cool!) sunglasses out of all-natural flax and a bioplastic material they call Flaxetate, making these sunglasses 100% biodegradable, and safe on the earth if they would happen to fall off your face!

Blavor Solar-Powered Phone Charger

A good percentage of eco-friendly individuals came by it “naturally,” and are outdoorspeople to the core. This little tool from Blavor has a small solar panel and a port to charge your phone off of the sun. The charge also powers a flashlight, and the Blavor Charger has a compass as well.

Land of Daughters Candles

These candles are not only uniquely scented (cotton candy + lime!?!?), but they also are completely vegan and sustainably produced with soy wax. In addition to their focus on sustainability, Land of Daughters also regularly donates to animal rescues.

Recycled Jewelry

Many different brands offer recycled jewelry, and in addition to being a beautiful gift for a loved ones, the added sentiment that it used to be something else often makes them extra special for eco-friendly loved ones.

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