Antonella Roccuzzo

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Antonella Roccuzzo is one of the most sensual WAGs of footballers and undoubtedly probably the luckiest lady on the planet who had the opportunity to be essential for the existence of the most prestigious figure, Lionel Messi.

Regardless of knowing each other since adolescence, Lionel Messi and his better half, Roccuzzo, are in the early stages of marriage. The longtime couple tied the knot on June 30, 2017, in an exceptionally luxurious wedding service.

There is no more remarkable pleasure than to marry a dear companion, someone who has known you for quite some time, who has seen you at best and still adores you much more. That is really what happened to Messi and his partner.

Relatively few know, however, that she is the cousin of Messi’s beloved teammate Lucas Scaglia, who is also a soccer player. The two had known each other since they were five years old.

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Messi and Antonela are happily married after dating for 10 years and are the happy guardians of three sons named Thiago Messi Rocucuzzo, Ciro Messi Roccuzzo, and Mateo Messi Roccuzzo.

Roccuzzo may not be as famous as her partner, but she has a huge following on the web with an Instagram following of 12 million devotees.

Biography of Antonella Roccuzzo

Brought into the world on February 26, 1988, in Santa Fe, Rosario, Argentina, Antonella was raised alongside her two sisters, Carla and Paula Roccuzzo. Her father, José Roccuzzo, was a financial specialist and her mother, <span style = “font-family: times new roman, serif”> Patricia Blanko, was a homemaker.

Messi, again, was brought into the world a year before her on an unpretentious foundation and developed his skill at the Newell’s Old youth club, one of Rosario’s most famous soccer clubs.

Raised in a similar area, Messi became a companion of one of Antonella’s cousins, who thus familiarized him with Roccuzzo. This happened before Messi became a soccer star.

Before Antonella’s enlistment at the University of Argentina to examine Dentistry and make her fantasies of becoming a dental specialist come true, Antonella completed her fundamental instruction at one of the nearby Rosario high schools.

Roccuzzo proceeded to examine social communications to improve her web-based media skills in this way, oblivious to her youthful fantasy of becoming a dental specialist.

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Despite their extensive history together, Antonella and Lionel headed in different directions to pursue their fantasies, only to reconnect later in 2007. It all happened when one of Roccuzzo’s beloved teammates kicked the bucket in a clash, and Messi did not waste a moment. going straight to Argentina to comfort her. At that moment, Antonella understood that Messi was the ideal person for her.

Roccuzzo went crazy for someone else!

While Messi was traveling to Barcelona, ​​Antonella had the opportunity to meet another man. The couple had a break when Messi was in Spain, and this man, who is not known, tried to win the love of Roccuzzo. However, everything was brief as she finally did things right, she revived her relationship with Messi and focused on improving her emotional life. From that moment on, there has been no shame or treason between them.


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