Top 5 Indoor Bonsai Plants to Cheer Up Your Mood

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Most Bonsai tree plants are blessed with an attractive appearance that makes them perfect to be added to your home decor. The maintenance of bonsai plants is not rigorous. You need to keep a good check whether or not the plant is receiving enough sunlight and water supply. One of the better advantages of having a bonsai at home is associated with the positive vibe it emits. Since most of us are now working from home, having cheerful indoor bonsais is a better way to feel relaxed. 

If you are in search of some lovely varieties of bonsai that act as mood activators, here are a few indoor plant options you can consider. 

 Ficus Bonsai

 The ficus plant is a popular category that includes close to 800 plus bonsai plant species. These are beautiful plants that have a striking stem structure. Some people also call it the ‘Weeping Fig’ due to its cascading branches. You cannot miss out on the blooming foliage and pointed leaves that are Ficus bonsai’s prime characteristics. 

 Dwarf Pomegranate Bonsai

Dwarf Pomegranate Bonsai.jpg

Punica Granatum Nana or Dwarf Pomegranate Bonsai is one of the outstanding varieties of bonsai plants you can house for extended beauty. The most astonishing aspect of this plant is the presence of bright-colored flowers. You can position dwarf pomegranate bonsai in your bedroom or close to your work desk to admire its glamour during the day. The indoor plant also reaps pomegranate fruits that are tiny and edible. For steady plant growth, you need to provide direct sunlight and time-to-time watering. 

 Chinese Elm Bonsai

 The Chinese Elm has earned itself a reputation of being a preferred bonsai tree in home gardens. These plants are excellent for rejuvenating your surrounding with fresh air and positivity. The Chinese Elm exhibits fast growth and has a high tolerance for conditions such as overwatering. You can see small leaves on this bonsai that changes color once the plant crosses a certain age. According to expert gardeners, repotting is a must for this plant that should be done every two years.

 Snow Rose Bonsai

 Serissa Japonica or the Snow Rose Bonsai is famous for its gorgeous flowers. You can observe that the plant grows flowers in every season. But the real beauty of this bonsai can be seen during spring and late autumn when there are pink or white flowers. You can position the Snow Rose bonsai either on the computer desk or living room. You can even prefer geometrical pots to make the plant look more elegant in your surroundings. 

Dwarf Umbrella Bonsai

The Dwarf Umbrella tree can be characterized by its exquisite foliage that forms a canopy. Its bonsai version has now gained importance among modern homemakers who prefer styling the plant in different designs. Although the foliage of the Dwarf Umbrella is quite thick, the roots are somewhat weaker. Therefore, the plant requires extra attention when it comes to watering and soil nutrient intake.


You can benefit from the bonsais mentioned above plants as they uplift your house’s look and exhibit air-purifying qualities. Moreover, they are easy to grow and care, thereby proving suitable for beginners. Visit your nearby plant nursery to inquire about different indoor bonsai plants that best fit your requirement. You can even check out bonsai plants online for checking out some of the exclusive varieties of bonsai plants that are not readily available through local plant dealers. There is a vast variety of mood shifting indoor plants that can be easily bought through the internet with just a single click. Check them out today! 


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