Dustin Johnson Wife

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Today topic is Dustin Johnson Wife . The girl of the former NHL star was brought into the world in Los Angeles on December 19, 1988. She is one of five girls that her father and cheerleader Janet Jones have together.

During a meeting with Golf Digest in 2014, Paulina was asked if she knew that her father was the Great. “Of course”, she reacted herself. “I was constantly going to games with my mom, especially in New York. One thing I get from my mom is this constant need to help the person you’re with. In this athletic world, I can see how difficult it is for Dustin now and again.”

How Johnson and Paulina met and when did they get married

Both of Paulina’s parents are enthusiastic golfers and she met Johnson.

“Towards the end of 2011, my mother played Dustin on a favorable Wednesday morning at Tiger’s competition in Sherwood,” Paulina revealed to Golf Digest. “She welcomed him into the house that night. I’m sure he was faking an exacerbation, just like I was when my mother welcomed me to meet this golfer she had just met.

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“So I look like a total beggar, and here is this truly lovely person. I didn’t stay long, yet he was such an honorable man, so lovely. He has always been that approach to me. We exchange numbers, and here we are.”

Are you worried when they will walk the trail? That is impossible to say since the couple has not set a date. However, Paulina has expressed that they will say hers “yes, I do” when everything is fine for them. “It will be our exceptional day, and we just need it to be right and fit,” she said.

Do Dustin Johnson Wife and Paulina Gretzky have children?

The couple is the guardian of two children.

Tatum was brought into the world on January 19, 2015 and River was brought into the world on June 12, 2017.

Dustin Johnson Wife can win his first Masters title on Sunday, leading by four efforts in the final round at Augusta.

The 36-year-old received fervent tips for the Green Jacket in 2017 until he injured his back in a terrible fall at his rented house before the first round.

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Who is Paulina Gretzky?

Gretzky is a model and artist who came to the world in Los Angeles in 1988.

She is also the girl of Canadian ice hockey legend Wayne Gretzky.

The 31-year-old commonly seen at Johnson golf competitions greets him.

However, world number one feels safe right now.

“I’d say the game is in a great structure right now,” Johnson said.

“You know, it’s fundamentally the same as it was in 2017. It’s super reliable.

“I have all the inclination to have a lot of control with what I’m doing, controlling my distance with my flight and my form well.

“I am open to staying on the golf ball right now, and clearly that’s a really nice feeling.


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