Tips for Choosing a Custom-Made Necklace

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The reasons for wearing a necklace vary from person to person. And while you can buy ready-to-wear necklaces, a custom-made necklace becomes more significant. It manifests your deep love and caring for either yourself or the person who will receive the personalized necklace as a gift. Moreover, a custom-made necklace is a symbol of the wearer’s individuality and uniqueness.

You should consider several factors when you decide to order a custom-made necklace. Since it is the reflection of your creativity and your love for the wearer, it is important to ensure that you meet all of the preferences – the wearer’s or your own.

Top things to consider

In the selection process for a custom-made necklace, choose the right name. It may sound silly, but you do use different names. You have your given name, your nickname, or a special name given by a favorite person in your life. Choose the name that clearly defines you and suits your personality.

Next, choose the metal. If you choose gold, which is one of the most durable, you have several options. A 10k gold name necklace is more durable than a 14k necklace and very suitable for everyday wear.

Finally, choose the style for your custom-made name necklace. Pick the style that will appeal the most to the intended wearer.

Tips for choosing the right name necklace

Although there is no right or wrong way to select a name necklace, the options available today make it difficult. Here are a few tips that can help you make the right decision.

  • Consider the body frame. If the person who will wear the name necklace has a small body frame, choose a style that is daintier and smaller in a delicate signature font. If the wearer has a larger body frame, opt for something bolder in font and design.
  • Consider the wearer’s activity level. If the person is not very active or sports-minded, you can choose something that will make a larger statement. You can opt for larger fonts or a tag-style design since will not get in the way of their daily activities. For active people, it is better to have a bar pendant or name jewelry that is attached to the necklace. This design prevents the sliding of the name bar or pendant that could be caught in clothing or other objects.   
  • Think of the wearer’s lifestyle. A person with a professional lifestyle is likely to prefer an understated name necklace, such as an initial name pendant or tag, infinity style, or a small, almost inconspicuous name necklace. A more colorful and fun design is suitable for people who have a more casual lifestyle.
  • Consider the skin tone. Gold, copper, or rose gold fits people with warm skin tones. Gold and silver compliment people with neutral skin tone, while stainless steel and sterling silver go well with people with cool and lighter skin.

When choosing a name necklace, you want to complement its wearer. Select the style that will fit their personality. Likewise, since you are ordering a custom-made name necklace, you have time to know the preferences of the person who will receive your special gift.


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