How Much Do Paternity Tests Cost and Why?

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Paternity testing is crucial in determining whether you have a biological relationship for a child. The test compares data through the identification of a genetic match. Deciding to do a paternity test requires you to make various considerations such as the best facility and cost.

However, your decision to perform a DNA test should not be changed by the cost since reliable and correct results are what you might need for your peace of mind. Below you will find a breakdown of paternity cost and the factors that affect it.

Paternity Test Cost

There are varying costs for DNA paternity depending on the type and nature of the testing. Nevertheless, a legal paternity test will cost your around $500 including all the legal processes associated with the test.

But the cost is relatively low for non-legal tests since most of the kits involved can be found in pharmacies. Besides, you will not need legal or lab fees to conduct the home test. Visit our site to find out more information.

Different Types of Paternity Tests

Generally, there are two types of paternity tests, namely the home and legal paternity tests. It is important to understand which type of test you need depending on your circumstances. The two types have different sample collection procedures.

For a home test, you don’t need a witness or legal documentation, but it is advisable to sign a consent form if various parties are involved. Results from this form of test can’t be used in a court of law since the results could easily be compromised.

In legal paternity, testing is different as a registered nurse is ordered to collect your samples and subject them to testing after taking your credentials.

What Determines the Cost?

  • The number of people being tested will mainly determine your paternity test cost. Paternity tests that include siblings or relatives will cost higher since the charges are done per head.
  • The type of test will also affect the test’s cost, given that legal testing procedures involve costly logistics than home paternity tests. 
  • Time is also a factor to consider when determining your paternity test cost. Most testing laboratories offer services depending on the available fees.

This means that they would provide express services when you agree to commit additional charges. This happens when you are in urgency and could receive your results up to 5 days earlier than the standard waiting time.

Most importantly, you should choose a testing laboratory or company that will guarantee you correct and reliable results. The challenge would be making the right decision since most businesses have emerged claiming to offer these services even without the proper accreditation from the relevant authority. Therefore, you should not let cost deceive you into falling prey to these fake laboratories that only focus on testing even without considering the minimum requirements for a DNA test. Besides, the laboratory you choose must be using the correct procedure in order to get more than 99% test results for the desired peace of mind.

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