The Easiest Recipe for Making Online Videos

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Having a quick, snappy process of making marketing or promotional online videos is sure to help you reach higher goals.

As you would expect, businesses need multiple online videos for promotion, social media content, or as part of a presentation. However, most owners steer away from this idea due to their lack of time, resources, and expertise to create a professional online videos. But you know what? In this day and age, when it comes to video production, you can have your cake and eat it too! Get ready for a giant slice of birthday cake thanks to easy-to-use Online Video Maker tools.

Promo’s developers have thought of everything. That’s why their tools are so easy to use and are capable of bringing about professional results in a short time. Don’t believe in the easy content production recipe with an online video maker? Well, let’s get into it.

Since this is just a “piece of cake”, let’s look into this process of making a promotional video like we’re baking a cake! Besides, you’ll see that coming up with a video on Promo’s video maker is far less complicated and even faster than instant cakes.

The Ingredients

Get your logo ready and head over to the video maker. Click that little “Try For free!” button in the middle and connect with Google, Facebook, or your e-mail address. Indeed, the system will ask you what type of business this is to recommend the most relevant online videos. Fill it out.

After answering the industry questions, it is time to search for cakes. Type cake in the search bar and see that beautiful purple cake with the title “NATIONAL CAKE DAY” across it? That is the goal. Let’s try to ignore the fact that to so many of us, every day is National Cake Day, and select that delicious-looking cake.

Secondly, preview the video to get a feel. Wipe the drool from your chin and decide upon what screen format this video should appear. See the words “wide,” “square,” and “vertical”? Choose how this video should appear to the user. If it is for mobile, choose vertical. HD monitor? Choose wide.

Lastly, click that “Customize” button in the bottom right corner. Sorry, no actual cake will be served during the following guide.

Ready to Mix

This page is the master chef’s kitchen. From here, it is simple to customize the video completely. From changing text, the music, or even adding your video, anything is possible.

Initially, To change the text, double click on the portion of text at the bottom of the page, and BOOM. You can write the text, and it can be enlarged or moved. There are dozens of styles to choose from on the right side of the page. Just click on the styles to see how the text will look. Want to have the text last longer or shorter on the screen? Just drag the end of the text with your mouse. For instance, there are dozens of fonts, colors, and sizing options. With a premium plan, customized fonts can make the video look and feel homemade. Yes, it is that easy.

Want to bring in additional cake online videos and make the project longer? Click on the + in the lower left and choose “add a video.” Finally, now you can bring in any one of the hundreds of cake online videos available on Promo or even add your cake video to the mix. Want to add text to the new video? Previous mouseover titles, choose “Duplicate” and POOF; you will have the new text ready to edit over this unused portion of the video. Just like with the text, video clips can be lengthened or shortened.

For example, to preview the video at any time, click the play button on the left side of the screen. Like it? Pop it in the oven and get ready for the final flourishes.

The Icing

What’s a cake without icing? It’s a lump of sweet spongy stuff, that’s what. Okay, it’s probably still going to taste good, but it will be even better with icing.

On the left side of the screen, look for the word “Music” and click on it. This is what every significant video needs, music to set the right tone. Moreover, choosing the perfect background music couldn’t be easier. Pick by genre, mood, tempo or instrument, or any combination. Want to convey the ideal cake for a Halloween company party? Choose “Holidays” and “Horror.” In addition, listen to the music by only moving the mouse over the name. Pretty soon, you can turn that happy cake video into a creepy one where the user waits for the hand to pop out and grab them. Or make it a silly video with a happy vibe. This dashboard gives you full control.

Look through the thousands of tracks available, and you can test them out in the video by clicking on “Editor” on the upper left and then the play button in the bottom left. Long before the cake is ready to come out of the oven, you can also attach the perfect music to the video.

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Time for Dessert

In short, click the “Save & Preview” button in the lower left-hand corner and get ready to serve up that video via the many share options. Then, show others for a taste of your professional video! Just like that, anyone can quickly become an online video maker.

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