8 Ways to Relax After a Stressful Day

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Most people encounter so many stressors during a typical workday which usually leaves them tired and worn out.

Seeing as accumulated stress can lead to breakdowns, burnouts and other health issues. We must find ways to let go of stress daily.

While there are various relaxation techniques with different levels of effectiveness, finding what works for you is the key to achieving optimal rest.

Below are eight methods you can use to achieve relaxation after a stressful day.

Take A Bath

Fill your bathtub with warm water, add bath salts and your favourite oil and soak for as long as you can.

To heighten the experience, light scented candles, bring along a magazine or just close your eyes and enjoy your bath.

The warm water will help soothe tensed stressful. The combination of various relaxation elements such as the candles and oils would also help you destress.

Get A Massage

When you are stressed, you hold tension in your muscles, making it hard to relax fully. After work, you can schedule a session with a professional massage therapist.

If possible, ask for a soothing ambience with soft music and candles. Close your eyes and breathe deeply while the therapist kneads all the tension away from your tissues and muscles. A good massage session would leave you feeling loose, calm and utterly relaxed.

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Work Out

While the thought of engaging in physical activity when you are tired can be daunting, the rewards to be reaped from a workout session should serve as motivation.

Exercise stimulates the release of endorphins which helps to boost your energy and release stress.

A few minutes spent on exercise stressful at the gym, pull-ups and crunches done at home or a walk around your neighborhood would go a long way in helping you to relax.

Take A Break

Your brain has been in work mode all day, making logical decisions and processing information. The best thing to do when you get home is, therefore, to let your brain rest.

You can achieve this by tuning to your favourite show, playing games or watching a funny movie.

The goal here is to give your brain a break by not thinking about or engaging in anything related to work.

Play Some Music

Music has always been known to be a great way to divert the mind and induce relaxation. It has a way of letting you shut out the noise, both within and outside. a great way to divert the mind

Plug your earphones in or turn on your music player and let your playlist work its magic on you. While slow and soft music can be soothing, there is nothing wrong with listening to your favourite upbeat song.

Sing and Dance

In addition to listening to music, try singing and dancing along to the music. Turn up your favourite song, sing and make some moves, even if you end up singing off-tune.

You would indirectly be getting some exercise stressful and letting off some steam. Having fun and laughing can help you to shake off the stress and lift your mood.

Talk or Write It Out

Talking or stressful about your hectic day can be just what you need to get it off your mind and do away with it.

Talk to your partner or friend about the high points and low points of your day. You can also make entries into your diary or journal about the things that caused you the most stress.

By letting go of that stress-inducing experience, you are giving your body the free reign to relax.


A stressful to eight hours’ worth of sleep can be just what you need to let go of the day’s stress. A good night’s rest gives your brain and mind some downtime while your body slowly releases tension.

Before sleeping, carry out one or two stress-relieving techniques to get your body loose, and your mind calm. This enables you to fall asleep quickly, have a good sleep and wake up well-rested.

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