Breast Volume Loss: Your Surgical Options

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Your breast tissue can fluctuate quite a bit over the years, and there may come a point when it looks as if your breasts are deflated or no longer balanced. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your body because of your breasts, then you might want to take a closer look at breast implants. Breast augmentation is more popular than ever, and it is the leading option for patients who would like to accentuate their curves with fuller breasts. In addition to enhancing the size of your breasts, this advanced procedure can also create a well-balanced and perkier bustline.

What Causes Breast Volume Loss?

There are many different issues that can result in breast volume loss, and some of those variables are completely out of your control. If you are a mother, then you might have noticed that a little bit of breast tissue has disappeared after you gave birth or nursed a child. Weight fluctuations play a major role as well, and your body might metabolize some of your breast tissue while you are losing weight. Another issue that many women deal with is natural volume loss as they grow older. Your body is going to metabolize tissue throughout your body as you age, and that could result in deflated or drooping breasts.

While all of those cosmetic issues can be extremely frustrating, it is important to remember that there are surgical treatment options out there. These breast augmentation before and after images should show you just how effective breast implants can be, and that procedure is safer than ever. Following that operation, you could be back on your feet with renewed confidence in a matter of days, and modern implants often last for a decade or longer. That operation might be exactly what you need to finally enjoy the body of your dreams.

The Basics of the Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast augmentation is a relatively quick procedure that usually only takes a few hours to complete, and the vast majority of patients can head home on the same day. The procedure will begin with a general or local anesthetic being administered to the patient. A general anesthetic is typically used if the patient would like to be completely asleep throughout the entire operation. If you aren’t healthy enough for a general anesthetic, then your surgeon will most likely suggest a local anesthetic and oral sedative. Once the drugs have been administered and the area is completely numb, two small incisions will be made. The incisions can either be made around the areolas or along the lower curve of each breast.

After the incisions have been made, the surgeon is going to insert a saline or silicone implant into each breast cavity. The final step in the process is adjusting the placement of the implants before the incisions can be closed with sutures. Following the operation, the surgical team will keep an eye on the patient for a short period of time to ensure that there are no immediate complications. As soon as the patient has been cleared by the surgical team, a loved one can take them home.

Enjoying Your Renewed Confidence

If you have recently taken a look at some breast augmentation before and after images and think that you are ready for breast implants, then you need to contact a cosmetic surgeon right away to learn more about this amazing procedure. Your path to renewed confidence is only a phone call away, and you should be able to enjoy your new curves for 10 years or longer with the proper aftercare.

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