4 Unique Ceiling Fans to Complement Any Style You Choose for Your Home

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Ceiling fans are an important element of décor for all homes – contemporary, retro industrial, cottage style or minimalism inspired. Manufacturers offer unique designs that complement every home décor. Online and offline stores are flooded with unique ceiling fans with stylish blades, LED lights, and embellished designs too. Reputed brands like Luminous now allow you to customize your ceiling fan by choosing the right finish or selecting decorative blades.

Let us have a look some unique ceiling fans that will be match your décor perfectly:

  1. New York Brooklyn

New York Brooklyn fan by Luminous is inspired by New York’s signature cosmopolitan flair. It is time to bring home a fan which pulses with the vivacious spirit of the city that never sleeps. It is a rare blend of modernism and artistic flair. Sleek in its form, streamlined in its function, it’s a monochrome blend, inspired by the subtle contrast within downtown Brooklyn. With multiple colour and wood finish options available, “Find Your Signature Style” with New York Brooklyn.

2. Jaipur Gangaur

If you admire royal décor, then the Jaipur Gangaur ceiling fan is the best pick for you. Its opulent and extravagant design truly epitomizes the royals’ rich culture and vibrant history. The inspiration behind this design is handmade murals, artistic interiors and royal patterns. This design is inspired from the image of the Trinetra – an indication of the three eyes of Lord Shiva or Goddess Durga. Jaipur Gangaur has a powerful motor that is designed for high air delivery and air thrust. The elegant design of this ceiling fan gives it a premium and modern look.

3.  London Big Ben

Transport your home to the imperial era with this ceiling fan reminiscent of the British capital’s elegant stature and aristocratic heritage. Inspired by the elegance and grandiosity of the clock tower, London Big Ben, with its regal chandelier, adds that extra luxury to your home. It is a truly elegant addition to your home. In addition to its aesthetic beauty, this fan has a beautiful light diffuser in the image of a 3-tier chandelier which adds grandeur to this ceiling fan. Dont forget to appreciate its unique British beige colour, LED light and five step dimming feature.

4. Rio BelAir

Rio BelAir’s eclectic design and lively colours are sure to appeal to a free-spirited urban audience. The vibrant city of Rio comes alive with these fans that truly symbolize its lively energy in every way. With its sleek shine and finish, this fan is as modern as it is vintage. Its fully functional design ensures that the beautiful hubcap is fully visible even while the fan is operational. This ceiling fan has a completely new look with the shiny sangria-coloured blades and a high-speed motor that ensures a good air thrust.

While buying any electrical product, it is vital to ensure that you purchase it from a reputed seller. Especially when things like guarantee, warranty and damages and returns are of utmost importance while buying an electric item. Purchasing the product from a brand with an experienced customer service partners can help you make an informed decision. Because of inaccurate or lack of good advice, far too many customers end up buying the wrong product. Reputed brands like Luminous offer a variety of unique options at affordable prices. Check out their website or visit a nearby store.

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