Alex Trebek Net Worth

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Today question is Alex Trebek Net Worth. The paparazzialways has an eye over all the famous personalities of the world. This is because these people are so famous that there is definitely something going on always in their lives no matter what. The most interesting thing about their lives is the amount of money that they make. Well, it’s not little but in fact a lot and a lot! We wonder how they’re able to make so much money? We suppose fame brings you all the perks! So one thing that the media is always after is the net worth of all these famous celebrities that we watch on the television!

Alex Trebek

Who isn’t aware or Alex Trebek? We all know he is was of the most famous and most amazing Canadian Television host! The host unfortunately died last year in November, aged 80. People still remember his programs and how he was an amazing host. And of course given the kind of work that he was doing, he legit earned in billions.

Trebek owned and managed a 700-acre (283 ha) ranch near 

Paso Robles  in Creston California, known as Creston Farms, where he bred and trained thoroughbred  racehorses

 His colt Reba’s Gold is the stakes-winning son of slew gold Trebek sold the operation in 2008 and the property is now an event centre called Windfall Farms.  With this you can imagine as to how wealthy the late actor was. He was married to the woman he loved but unfortunately they couldn’t have any kids. Therefore he adopted her daughter and lived quite a thriving life.

Alex Trebek net worth

The late actor literally left his family with a great fortune. We call them lucky because Trebek did not have any children of his own. He adopted his wife’s children and now after his death, they are living quite a colourful life. The actor struggled with pancreatic cancer and passed away at the age of 80 after succumbing to this disease. Although this was a major setback for his family, they are secured because the actor has literally left a fortune for them.

The reports claim that he earned 78 thousand dollars per episode and 391,000 $  per recording day. Now that is a lot of money!

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Trebek worked for 36 years as the host of the popular syndicated game show, Jeopardy since 1984. He continued his role in the game show until his death in 2020 and earned  $10 million a year. Trebek also worked on various other television shows throughout his career. The notable shows, he has worked for include The Wizard of Odds, High rollers, Classic Concentration, and Music Hop.

No wonder how he managed to leave his family a great fortune and how lavishly he lived till he died.

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