4Hs: How Hazelnut Oil Help Your Hair Grow Healthily

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If you’re an avid fan of drinking coffee in cafes, you might have tried adding hazelnut syrup to your cup of coffee. Hazelnut oil or syrup can be extracted by pressing the nuts of the hazel tree. Some of you may not know that hazelnuts, which you often eat as dessert and snacks, can provide hair growth nutrients. Hazelnut extract is also used as an ingredient in skincare and even hair care products, such as hair growth serums, shampoos, and conditioners. 

What makes hazelnut oil worthy of being incorporated into your hair care regimen? Find out the following benefits that one can reap from this sweet and nutty extract.

4Hs: Benefits of Using Hazelnut Oil on Your Hair and Scalp 

Here are some of the information you should know about hazelnut oil and its remarkable effects on hair growth.

1. Humectant: It’s an excellent moisturizer for your dry tresses.

Spring and summer are fast approaching, which means more opportunities to go outdoors and stay under the sun’s heat. Unfortunately, it also poses a severe threat to your tresses, making them dry and damaged. Hazelnut oil can serve as your hair moisturizer, thanks to its rich fatty acid content and vitamin E. The fatty acids present in hazelnut oil help improve your hair’s quality by making your strands durable against external damage. Specifically, linoleic acid helps regulate your hair’s moisture content, keeping your locks well-hydrated day throughout the day. On the other hand, vitamin E helps regulate healthy sebum production so that your hair becomes moisturized throughout the day.

2. Heavenly Scent: Your hair will smell pleasant.

Do you like whiffing the smell of hazelnut latte? If so, then you may also like hazelnut oil being applied to your hair. This substance has a nutty fragrance, more distinguishable and more potent than other nut-based oils, but not overwhelming. However, if you want to tone down hazelnut oil’s distinct scent, you may need to use only a few drops or mix the substance with other hair care ingredients.

3. Healthy Scalp: It keeps scalp issues at bay.

Hazelnut oil’s linoleic acid also protects your strands and scalp’s environment against UV rays, bacteria, and fungi. Hence, you can also apply hazelnut oil to your scalp, especially if you have dandruff problems because of this superior quality. Its moisturizing properties can also soften the flakes on your scalp, relieve itch and prevent fungi from wreaking havoc on your pate.

4. Hair Loss Blocker: It prevents hair loss problems.

Your hair follicles should remain healthy throughout the hair growth cycle. Hence, you should always see that your hair care products can cater to your anti-hair loss needs. For instance, hazelnut oil contains oleic acid, and this fatty acid has properties that inhibit the 5a-reductase enzyme from converting androgens into dihydrotestosterone. DHT is a potent version of testosterone, and it can attach itself to your hair follicle and shrink it. The more DHT present in your body, the more hair follicles are put to risk, which is why you need DHT inhibitors in your hair care regimen as much as possible. Meanwhile, vitamin E in hazelnut oil also has antioxidant properties that thwart free radicals from harming your follicles, thereby preventing hair loss occurrence.

Hazelnut Oil is a Healthy Choice for Hair Care.

It is essential to pay attention to your hair care needs, mainly how you can prevent hair growth issues from happening in the future. Hence, boost your hair care regimen with hazelnut oil. You can apply this oily substance for your scalp massages or combine it with your homemade hair growth solution. Lastly, try to search and use hair growth products with hazelnut oil. In this way, you can easily reap hazelnut oil’s hair growth benefits.  

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