Old School RuneScape: Getting Gold

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Old School RuneScape is an MMORPG that is still graced by fans years after its first appearance on PCs. One of the mechanics of the title is “gold farming” or mining the game’s currency, called OSRS Gold or just Gold, which can be obtained in the most diverse activities around the world of Gielinor.

Money makes the world go round, and Guilenor is no different because Gold makes it go round. From purchasing titles to getting the best equipment, Gold in OSRS helps improve your enjoyment of the game. There is always a need for that, whatever you want to do in the game.

The problem that F2P players have is the limitations of what they can do. Most of the really profitable ways to earn Gold are hidden behind the bond paywall. So, how can you earn enough OSRS Gold through F2P methods?

In this article we will talk about some of the most profitable ways to make OSRS Gold and still be Free-To-Play (F2P). You can mine, forge, collect, cook and fight to earn as much as you want.

Runite Ore Mining

You can win anywhere from 333k to 667k an hour, depending on how lucky you are. As it is a highly valued ore, Old School Runescape players tend to be somewhat competitive in mining. With the limitations of F2P players, there is only one place to mine it: The Lava Maze Runite Mine in The Wilderness. You can take this as an advantage in jumping around the world, as you only need to check one area.

Navigating worlds

You may also want to keep track of respawn times between worlds. That way, you can reach the next world in time to mine as soon as they are updated. Navigating worlds in this way is a good strategy for this method.

Be sure to keep everything you want to keep and be cautious when saving. Killer players and dangerous creatures roam the jungle, and encounters with them while you mine can be quite high. One tip is to take a low-level account with you to explore and assess the dangers. Anyway, bring some pizza and swordfish too.

Smithing Rune items

Although you earn more Gold by selling the ores, if you want to increase the level of your forge, you can go with this method. You will earn an average of about 420k per hour, although market prices and the speed of your forging make it fluctuate.

The best place to do this is at Varrock West Bank. Items that sell more may also change, so check prices at GE first. You will spend around 30 million to buy OSRS Gold, so it is better to mine your own.

Collecting Runes of Nature

You can earn about 300k gold per hour by collecting Nature Runes southeast of the Demonic Ruins in the desert (The Demonic Ruins in the Wilderness). However, it is still as dangerous as mining Runite. In addition to avoiding the killer players, you will also have to avoid the 2 smaller demons that appear in the area.

Once you get there, you can stay indefinitely and have a “safe spot” with demons. Still, don’t let your guard down, as you still risk the killer players. Even if respawns are updated quickly in 1 minute and 45 seconds, your efficiency increases if you take all seven runes and jump over the worlds.

Cooking Simple Pizza

Pizza is the best F2P food for health regeneration, along with swordfish. This means that Old School Runescape players will pay well for them. Although you get less gold per hour with this method, it is relatively less intensive, as the process can be a little mechanical.

However, be careful not to eat its ingredients. Always click on the base of the pizza first. You must be at least level 68 of Cooking before doing this, as the pizza can burn when the player is at lower levels. With good efficiency, you can make 540 pizzas an hour. Otherwise, you can choose to make raw pizzas and cook them at alternate times. You can earn around 150k gold per hour with this method.

Killing Ogress Shamans

For those who are more combat-oriented, cultivating Ogress Shamans in the Corsair Cave Dungeon is quite profitable. These shamans drop many valuable things, such as runes, uncut gemstones, valuable equipment and some arrows. You can get around 120k gold per hour with this method.

You must have at least level 80 Defense, Attack, Strength and Magic and 40 ranged combat. The southeastern room has a fire and spawn of raw tuna. With good enough defenses (both Defense and Magic), you can sustain yourself indefinitely in this room. Of course, you will need to go out to store things, but you can use high-level Alchemy to free up space. You will also need the Green D’hide Armor and an Amulet of Power to get the best defense bonuses.

Make That Money

These are the most profitable F2P methods of making OSRS Gold money. Whether you are a master craftsman, miner, collector or fighter in OSRS, there is a method recommended for you. If you have no time, you can even buy cheap RS Gold. Whichever method you use, make sure to have fun in Old School RuneScape!

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