What is Xbox Live Gold and How to Get xbox live Best Price

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If you are considering purchasing an Xbox One console, now is the perfect time to buy. One of the strengths of the Xbox consoles is the convenient and useful services from the legendary Microsoft. But it’s not so easy to understand them: there are many options, and each offers different bonuses.

What is Xbox Live Gold?

Xbox live gold is an upgrade for your Xbox Live account that is designed to maximize your gaming experience. This improvement comes with a monthly subscription.

How and where to buy an Xbox Live Gold subscription?

Xbox Live Gold membership cards are always available at Microsoft retail partner stores.

One of these stores is the Smart CD Keys online market. Here you can purchase xbox live best price. The experts will help you choose exactly the subscription format that you need, and a special discount program will make future purchases even more profitable. Gamers can find here popular gaming offers from the best software manufacturers. Easily activate the key and your favorite game will be available forever.

What are the benefits of an Xbox Live Gold subscription?

In addition to upgrading the account status, users of the service receive a number of special privileges.

Like many competing consoles, online play on Xbox Live Gold comes with an online subscription. Want to show everyone what you can do in Halo 5 or Gears 5 matches? It’s time to think about buying a subscription. Please note: unlike PlayStation, an Xbox Gold account is required to play multiplayer even in free games like Fortnite!

Everyone knows that one of the weaknesses of console gaming has been the high cost of games. Live Gold subscribers receive a unique set of discounts from the Microsoft Online Store on a wide variety of projects, from glorious hits to classics from the Xbox 360 system. This is a really great deal – you can save up to 75% on some purchases. In addition, even if you are not interested in anything right now, there is a reason to return soon: the range of discounts changes every week.

However, there are often Free Weekend promotions for Gold members, during which certain games can be downloaded and tested for free. If you like the game, you can immediately buy it with an impressive discount.

But this is still not the most profitable offer of the xbox live best price service. To receive new games, users of the service don’t always need to spend money at all! Microsoft picks up a few games every month and gives them away for free. This set can include both interesting, but not the most famous games, and generally recognized blockbusters like Gears of War 4. Games are distributed both for the Xbox One platform and for the Xbox 360. For owners of a more recent version of the console, this means even more variety, as the Xbox One has full backward compatibility with the games of the previous generation console.

And one more nice detail: unlike the PlayStation service, xbox live best price Gold completely binds the games received for free to the account. Even if the subscription ends, access to the games will remain. So enjoy your favorite game!

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