Perfect Color Combo For Crafting The Best Anniversary Banner

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Creating an anniversary banner for a mother is not that difficult if you know the right steps to follow. It is really time-consuming to find the best banner manufacturing and printing companies. There are so many available, and that makes it even more confusing to choose the better one among the lot. But, once you have done your bit of research and came up with the best printing company for banners, the next question that arises is the color combo.

As you are celebrating your anniversary, it needs to be a perfect mixture of fun and beauty. So, the banners for the same occasion must portray that same feel through their colors. Selecting the best color wheel for designing your anniversary banners is one significant point that everyone needs to be aware of. So, let’s get on with that!

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  • For the colorful venture:

If you are looking for something fun and celebratory, then the use of pastel colors like red, pink, blue, yellow, and orange will do the trick. Use a white background with splashes of these primary warm colors and subtle cool tones together for that perfect shine. Later, you can customize and add the wordings right at the front in any darker red or blue tone. It helps in elevating the beauty of the banner to a whole new level.

  • For a sleek and simple design:

If too much color is not your cup of tea, you can always aim for the mono-colored background. A darker blood maroon or a darker shade of blue can be a great background color. However, that color needs to be in a shiny body as that helps in elevating the words written on top. Then for the color of the font, you can easily go for the bright yellow or golden font color on the maroon background. A perfect mix of golden and white colors for the fonts will be a good call from your side.

  • For a chic look:

If you are going for a classy look, then nothing beats the importance of old-time black and golden. How about selecting a pitch-black background and with golden and white colors for the fonts on top? That seems to be a luxurious style you can aim for. Let’s go on with the glossy black background. On top of it, the words “Happy anniversary” need to be in golden color and in curvy style. And just below that, add the name of your mom and dad in pure white and in cursive writing! This kind of banner is great on a white wall.

Add as many colors as you want:

Once you have selected a company, which is offering customized banners, you can play with as many colors as you want. If you want to add other font colors on the black background or want to change the colors with white background and black fonts, you can do so too. The choice completely depends on your imagination. 


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