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Organizing a Kitchen Countertop for a clutter-free look

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Often, countertops happen to be the hero of the kitchen. It attracts people for its impressive features and satisfies a cook’s need by presenting itself for all the tasks. But the problem is you may have lots of complaints about it despite getting it custom made. If it is a small size, you can regret not having a spacious worktop to do everything efficiently. Or, if it is too large, you can think it always remains cluttered, no matter what you do. While these are no issues, you can use this anchor in your cooking zone better by keeping it organized. Here are some quick suggestions to follow.

Keep things inside

When you wake up in the morning for a fresh start, you would want to come to an empty countertop that allows you to carry out your daily chores without any hassle. For this, it is critical to place all Kitchen Countertop tools and other necessary items on shelves, in cabinets, and in drawers. The only thing that can sit on it is the one that you access every day. For example, you can keep your coffeemaker on the worktop if you drink coffee first thing in the morning. After all, it can be a pain to take out and keep it back every time. However, other less frequently used appliances can go inside a cabinet or a pantry.

Like this, you can sort out other products too. You would want to keep olive oil and paper towels handy. However, the rest of the other materials is easy to store behind cabinet doors.

You can achieve this hassle-free if you look at your countertop as a workspace and not a storage area. It will help you avoid wasting time clearing the site whenever you have to do any work. You can take things out and begin your chore. When you keep your counter free, other family members will also try to follow in your footsteps.

Store items in the nearby drawers and cabinets

Your focus can be on the drawers and cabinets located above and below when you organize your countertop. It will simplify your activities greatly. Keeping things within an arm’s reach will help you avoid circuit workouts. You will not have to run in different corners to collect your items. You should be able to retrieve them from one area. For some hints, you can think of placing mugs on the shelves above your coffeemaker. Sugar sachets can reside in the drawer below. If you use a hand mixer, you can store it close to a cabinet housing your baking supplies. The stove region can accommodate prep tools, plates, and other cookware.

Do you use a knife block? You can place it beside the cutting boards. Likewise, the drawer which stores all your cooking utensils can also come in handy for arranging your everyday cooking items.

Such arrangement can reduce a lot of your walking around the Kitchen Countertop searching for different items.

Optimize every inch

Pay attention to your walls and backsplash for storage. Most people fail to count on these areas and let them go to waste. But these can serve as an excellent storage space. You can use magnetic strips on the backsplash to hang your cooking pots, fruit baskets, and knives. It will create a lot of free space on the countertop. Other items can go in the drawers and cabinets, such as fine china that you don’t use daily, special cleaners, and another dishware that you take out only for guests. According to experts, specialty cleaners can be better in a mudroom, garage, or laundry room.

Store other items well

No matter how many counters exist in a Kitchen Countertop, one of them can be a dumping ground for keys, papers, toys, or just anything. Of them, you first have to get rid of mails as these can occupy a great deal of the space. If you have any junk mail, throw them directly in the trash or recycle bin. Doing this as a habit will produce remarkable results. The heap of papers will go down, and your countertop will feel free. Other materials can rest inside a hidden drawer or shelf. If you don’t have spare storage space, you can buy a lovely basket or bin with high walls to store contents. Smaller containers can also be useful for stashing paperwork, tape, pens, etc.

Sort out the sink area

A Kraus farm sink can be a spacious addition to your Kitchen Countertop. All your dirty pots and pans can rest in it because of its sheer size. Since it can also have a cutting board and drying rack, you can use them to store washed fresh produce and utensils. For soaps and sponges, you can buy a cake stand or something that allows neat storage. Some homeowners get creative with this area as they keep a mini cake stand to put their soap and other cleaning supplies.

In essence, you can implement many things in your Kitchen Countertop to keep your counters free most of the time. And these don’t have to be any massive tweaks. Even simple tricks can work. For instance, you can put a rod under an overhead cabinet for hanging spoons, baskets, etc. You can buy different sizes of pitchers to use as cutlery stands. You can add a wired tiered basket to keep plants, mugs, and a few other smaller items. There can be a wire hanging shelf to utilize the free space under cabinets.

Whether you have a small or large countertop or one or more of them, it is up to you to organize your space in a way that it never looks cluttered. Even a pint-sized Kitchen Countertop can accommodate various things if you don’t waste a single inch. In stores, you get several types of hooks, rods, and shelves. Some of them come with suction, while others require drilling to fit into the wall. You can select any solution that serves your needs best. Instead of spending your time clearing the countertop every day, get these fixtures and solve your problem for good.

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