Why Self Storage is perfect for Students

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Being a student in London can be a fascinating experience but it comes with its own set of challenges as well. Busy class schedules, making new acquaintances, travelling back and forth between home and school and struggling with accommodating and storing your stuff at the end of every student year are some of the things you will have to deal with.

All these problems are a part of student life and while you just have to learn to live with most of these, there is an easy solution to storing your stuff. There are many local self storage facilities in London that can be utilised for storing your dorm stuff throughout the summer, while you go back home.

Forest Lake Self Storage is just the perfect solution for students struggling with storing stuff as it has many benefits that range from saving time and money to keeping your stuff safe and secure.  London student storage facilities cater to student self storage needs by collaborating with various universities and colleges.

In London, student storage facilities offer a wide range of unit sizes that can meet the need of any student looking for self storage.

Most facilities even offer great student deals and discounts that can be utilised to make the most of cheap storage. All you need to do is compare which facility has better features such as security and weather protection and then consider the price that each facility is offering.

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Self storage is not only a very convenient way to store your belongings but it also ensures your belongings stay safe, and all in a very reasonable price.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that make self-storage a perfect solution for students struggling with storage needs.

  1. Easy on the pocket

It is no secret that students have limited finances as they are juggling between odd jobs, tough class schedules and student debt. They are always looking for cheap fixes to their problems.

Self storage is a cheap solution as compared to dragging your stuff back home every year and bearing the cost of transporting it between towns. Some self storage facilities like STORED even provide a door to door service, which means that a van will come to your door step and pick up all your stuff.

Your stuff will also be returned to you whenever needed by a moving van. All you have to do is make a phone call. STORED provides a complete package that is more of a storage solution rather than just offering storage space. It includes free collection, inclusion of some liability coverage, and the option of online inventory.

This is an excellent facility as it adds so much convenience to the whole process of packing, storing and unpacking your stuff when and where needed. There are other services which can help with unpleasant parts of the moving and storing process such as international shipments, the proper moving service offered by STORED, and much more!

  • Safety and Security

Since people keep valuable items in storage facilities, these facilities are usually designed with state of the art technology to keep your belongings safe and secure. These facilities are gated, have CCTV cameras installed and also provide various types of locks for the protection of individual units.

When self storing, it’s always a good idea to buy your own lock rather than depending on the one that the facility provides. Moreover, whenever you plan to rent storage units, requesting a lock change can help keep your stuff secure. There are many types of locks from padlocks to disc locks that you can pick and choose from.

Sometimes, the things that you plan on putting in storage are weather sensitive such as your furniture or leather goods. The good news is that a lot of London student storage facilities offer weather proof units for storage. This way not only will your belongings remain secure but they will also remain undamaged for future use.

Be sure to ask your facility provider regarding the price for climate-controlled, weather-resistant units and to get a good bargain. Usually such units are more expensive, so ensure you book one only if you really require it.

  • Staying Organised

Student dorms have limited space in which you try to fit your wardrobe, books, food and everything. Sharing a small space means every time you accumulate any extra stuff, your living space is bound to get cluttered.

London student storage is the perfect solution to help you avoid clutter and stay organised. You can keep your dorm space organised and your living space back home can also stay clean and  organised! How? By putting away extra baggage and storing the things you don’t need very often at the end of the school year.

Self storage helps you access your stuff whenever needed so accessing is not a problem either. This is especially true if you decide to rent a facility that is close to your university.

These are some of the many benefits of renting a student storage space. It is a very convenient and cost effective option to keep your belongings safe and sound over the summer break.

If you are careful about the size, discounts, and distance of the facility from your college to the storage facility, you’ll not regret the decision of renting a student storage space.

Don’t forget to check out the list of storage companies that may collaborate with your college. This way you won’t have to move your stuff far from the campus. STORED self storage alternate for students is great for students living in London as it collaborates with multiple universities and yours might be among those.


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