RT-PCR test: All you need to know

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The Covid-19 RT PCR test is a real time diagnostic test that detects the presence of an active covid-19 infection. The RT-PCR is the most recommended test by medical professionals across the world because of its high levels of accuracy and precision.

It is certainly the gold standard of all diagnostic tests today. The procedure to get the test is very simple. All you need to do is to submit your swab sample to a diagnostic laboratory nearby where the mRNA test will be performed.

Here are some things to know about this test:

How does the RT-PCR test work?

It works on studying the mRNA of the coronavirus. During the test, the mRNA is extracted and a process called reverse transcription is performed. This result is then matched with the RNA structure of the novel coronavirus and finally a positive or negative result is obtained.

Is the RT-PCR test accurate?

The RT-PCR test is the most accurate Covid-19 test out there! While the antigen and antibody tests are popular too, none are as accurate and precise as the RT-PCR test. If you think you might be infected, it’s best to avoid any other test and directly go for the RT-PCR test.

What’s the best time to get an RT-PCR test?

You should get an RT-PCR if you are experiencing symptoms of the novel coronavirus. Typical symptoms include dry cough, fever, loss of smell and taste, fatigue etc. You should also get tested under the following situations:

  • You’ve come in close contact with someone who has tested positive
  • You have attended a crowded event or family gathering
  • You have travelled from a different country or a highly infected region within India itself
  • One of your family members is positive
  • You want to take a retest after you have tested positive and have completed quarantine for 14 days

Who can get the RT-PCR test done?

The RT-PCR can be taken by absolutely anyone. Even if you suffer from diabetes, heart problems or you’re pregnant or you’re figuring out how to lose belly fat after a C-section, you can take the test without any issues.

How can you get an RT-PCR test done?

You can get your samples collected from the comfort of your home, without compromising on the safety of those around you. MFine is one such leading online healthcare provider that allows you to book a COVID test at home and delivers your results within 24 hours. Your samples are tested in trusted partner laboratories following which you can discuss the results with well known general physicians around you, on the MFine app itself. 

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