5 Best VR Games in 2021

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In 2021, the acronym VR Games is one you have probably come across by now. Standing for virtual reality, this up-and-coming popular “experience” trend is fast becoming one of the most used ways to immerse yourself in gaming.

But how can you access it? A player can experience VR Games through a headset. This headset connects to two feeds which are usually sent to two LCD displays, one per eye. Lenses are placed between your eyes and the pixels, resulting in seeing the action played out in front of you. You are then able to look around your virtual environment as if you were really there. This, coupled with attached controllers and headphones, can give a player an extremely immersive experience.

VR is available on both consoles and PCs with varied performances on both. With VR gaming being relatively new, it can be challenging to choose a game that gives you the best play time for your money. We run through our top 5 best VR games to help you decide.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2021 (PC)

The MIcrosoft Flight Simulator first took to the skies in 1979, which is a long way off to what it has become today. The 2021 version of the flight simulator puts you in the cockpit of hundreds of different highly detailed aircraft as you fly through a beautifully crafted world created using real-time elements like weather events. This flight sim is an incredible experience as a standalone game, but when that VR headset goes on, you are transported into a seemingly new world, making this one of the best VR games.

Played as it should be in first-person mode, it transforms you into the pilot from the outset as you find your feet learning the bespoke (customisable) controls while taking in the beauty through the windows either side of you.

Flight Simulator 2021 is a high-performance game that’s best experienced on a well-optimised PC. Happy flying!

Star Wars: Squadrons (PC, PlayStation VR)

Since witnessing the first outer-space dog fights in the Star Wars films a long time ago; fans and gamers everywhere have been waiting for a chance to fully immerse themselves within that sci-fi moment. Now that chance has arrived in the form of the VR-compatible game Star Wars: Squadrons.

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This VR game allows you to fly a number of different spacecraft from the galaxy, and it launches you into battle, giving you a first-person encounter in VR. You can get up close to all the action as you shoot down your enemies and fly with your comrades to save the galaxy, all from the comfort of your own home. 

Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series (PlayStation VR)

Our third VR game installment on this list is our second Star Wars recommendation, but this time it brings you even closer to the action. Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series takes place in three parts. You play as a common smuggler, but as your story unfolds, you soon discover your mission plays a part with the most famous Sith Lord in the entire galaxy.

Played entirely in first person, you are in control of your avatar’s arms and head as you play in VR to seek out the truth whilE battling foes with various weapons including the infamous lightsaber. This game gives you an extremely satisfying and challenging virtual reality experience, worthy of your time.

Iron Man VR (PlayStation VR)

Put on the famous helmet and become the planet’s favourite Avenger in Iron Man VR. This game gives you all the thrilling abilities Tony Stark has to offer whilE wearing his Iron Man suit. Using the headset and controllers you can perform advanced combat flight patterns and scenarios, throwing punches and blowing stuff up saving innocents in many compelling missions.

You are also able to customise your suit making this immersive VR experience a truly personal one, adding yet more to the feeling of actually being there.

No Man’s Sky VR (PC, Playstation VR)

This space simulator exploration game has come a long way since its infamous rocky launch back in 2016. But after many free updates and with a growing community behind it, this game has become one of the most played space sims to date. And with good reason. The No Man’s Sky Universe is procedurally generated, making it seemingly infinite!

Fly from planet to planet (in real time if you choose), each one vastly different from the last. Collect resources and fight for your survival in the space sim that has it all! With another recent free update, you can now experience that in glorious first-person VR! Jump in your ship and explore the stars in this incredibly diverse VR space adventure.

No Man’s Sky has recently been enhanced for PlayStation 5, and its developers, Hello Games, plan to update the game for years to come. There’s never been a better time to jump on board with this game.


As gaming evolves and technology along with it, they have always gone hand in hand to give players a better and more enhanced experience. VR is the next step to help aid the gamer into a real-life gaming experience.

As the years progress, VR will continue to grow and be more accessible. Maybe one day it’ll be a part of our everyday lives. But for now, you should enjoy it with some of the best gaming experiences you can have.


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