5 Reasons You Need An SEO Strategy

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There are so many reasons why an SEO strategy is key in growing your business, from building trust to driving traffic. But here we are only going to outline our top 5 reasons as to why you need SEO Queensland !

What is SEO?

Firstly, let’s take a quick look at what SEO actually is. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it means exactly what it says – optimising your website for search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo and any other search engines out there that you want to be visible on.

SEO involves a range of activities to improve your sites visibility and inturn, increase organic traffic. This is not as simple as it sounds, not only are you competing against your competitors, but also all the paid ads and shopping results that take up the first half of search results.

One misconception around SEO is that it is all about lots of keywords in sneaky places. This is far from it! While keywords play a huge role in the strategy, there are many other activities and specialists that are involved in the process including technical SEO, content and link building.

Here are 5 reasons you need an SEO strategy:

#1 Increase your brand visibility

By using an SEO strategy, you are increasing the likelihood of your brand being discovered by your target audience. 49% of users say they use Google to discover or find a new item or product. (Think with Google, 2019) Having a good strategy in place means using the right keywords for your brand (not always the ones you think!) which inturn, puts you in front of those who are making searches on Google to make their transaction. An SEO strategy will also help you win those rich snippets that take a portion of the first page – these are golden as they show an excerpt from the post (as long as it is relevant) and has a much higher click through rate!

#2 Build trust

Firstly, by writing valuable, well optimised content, you will be showing up in the search results right when your target audience needs you, this means they will be turning to you for advice as you continue to provide a solution to their problem, therefore, capturing them earlier on in the sales funnel, building brand awareness and trust with you.

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Secondly, Google updated their guidelines which suggests that content to perform well (or perform at all for that matter) needs to adhere to their E-A-T guidelines. This stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness and suggests that any content that affects someone’s life, health, happiness, money, wellbeing, etc needs to be written inline with these guidelines, which a good SEO strategy would include. This is key to gaining trust from Google as well as readers.

#3 Outshine your competition

SEO is for all businesses, big or small! For the smaller, local businesses, an SEO strategy can be adapted to help you leverage the local traffic over your competitors. Digital marketing for education centres including schools and colleges have seen a huge increase in their admissions and attendance on open days, and establishments such as salons have also seen a rise in appointments being booked! This is because building a local online presence using local optimisation strategies such as Google my Business drives more foot traffic, more service customers and more sales.

#4 Valuable insights

Working on an SEO strategy means utilising tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console. These provide you with real time data from Google itself, meaning you can start, grow and adapt your strategy inline with your audience needs. These tools  give you key metrics such as technical SEO, content quality, audience behaviour and more.

#5 Long term investment

SEO can take longer to deliver results, but it is so worth it when it does! SEO is all organic traffic, so that means a low cost upfront payment (but lots of time and strategy) and in return you gain a successful, long term profit. Paid ads are for the quick wins, but not only are you paying for the ads, but also the management. As soon as you turn those ads off, the traffic stops, however, investing in an SEO strategy means longer lasting results and sustained growth.

So, will you invest in an SEO strategy?


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