How to Practice BODMAS?

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We solve equations in mathematics that involve operations like addition, multiplication, division, and subtraction. The BODMAS rule is used to solve operations involving multiple operations. Students may become perplexed if they are not familiar with the BODMAS rules. This collection of rules guarantees consistency and makes it easier for students to solve problems. When solving any operation or equation, students must obey the principles of the order of operations.

BODMA is a term that is taught to students at a young age. Many questions about BODMAS can be found in the 5th grade math worksheets. Students can improve their accuracy and pace by answering questions about BODMA. The BODMA formula and rules will be discussed in this blog. We’ll also go through some basic strategies that will help students grasp the concept of BODMA easily. So, let’s get started with the topic:

What is BODMAS?

BODMAS is a set of rules that allows us to solve equations using the proper procedures. Brackets of or order, Division, Multiplication, Addition, and Subtraction are all abbreviated as BODMAS. The full form itself defines the steps that must be completed in order to solve an equation. Students gain a greater understanding of BODMA by practicing a series of BODMAS questions about it. In the United States, BODMA is referred to as PEMDAS.

How to Practise BODMAS Effectively?


Children of all ages enjoy playing games. You will mix learning and fun by making your students engage in some activities. Quizzes in the form of games may be conducted. Divide the children into teams, for example. Give them easy problems to solve in a set amount of time, and reward the winning team. This type of practice not only helps students improve their cognitive skills, but also helps them develop their teamwork skills.

2. Worksheets

Worksheets are the best way to make students understand the concept of BODMAS. Worksheets make learning easy and fun. Also, students get to practise a variety of BODMA problems with the help of workhseets. The best way to get accustomed to a topic is by solving multiple worksheets. One can practise Cuemath interactive worksheets that help students understand the concept of BODMAS in an engaging and interesting way. Cuemath worksheets are great to solve and they come with visual simulations that make learning super fun  and interesting. These worksheets consist questions in different formats that help students get an in-depth understanding of different topics. Cuemath is an online learning platform that help students understand concepts like BODMAS in a detailed manner. 

3. Make BODMAS Interesting

A student will become impatient and will not assimilate knowledge when you’re using a monotonous teaching strategies. Since young minds are easily distracted, the first step is to spark their interest in the topic. Introducing students to the history associated with the subject is a perfect way to do this. It gives them an understanding of the subject’s roots and the main mathematicians who discovered the definition. This approach also has the added benefit of encouraging students to extend their knowledge and grow an interest in other subjects.

4. Learn Tables

Students should be encouraged to solve tables related to BODMAS so that they easily solve different types of equations. BODMAS becomes easy to master if students have memorised tables upto 25. This can help them increase their speed and solve questions quickly which gives them a life-long benefit. Be it competitive examinations or math in general, speed is an important aspect.

Conclusion With the help of the above tips and tricks, your child can easily master the concept of BODMAS. One should encourage students to solve BODMAS related problems on a regular basis. I hope this blog helped you understand BODMA in an interesting way. If you have any queries related to BODMAS, feel free to comment down below.

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