Stay Safe: 7 Business Security Solutions to Try Out

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According to a U.S. Chamber of Commerce report, over 30% of all business closures result from crime. The type of security risk your business faces depends on a couple of factors. Some of these factors include your business’s size, location, industry, and accessibility.

Unfortunately, businesses in all industries are at risk of security threats. Such threats include theft and cyberattacks. With an increase in crime, most companies are taking their security measures seriously. 

Our guide below focuses on the seven best business security solutions every entrepreneur should try out. Read on!

1. Make One Employee Responsible for the Company’s Security

Look for a longstanding, trustworthy, and reliable employee with exemplary leadership qualities to manage your business’s security department. That individual should have the capacity to address all your company’s major security issues. If you can’t identify anyone, take on the responsibilities yourself instead.

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The right security manager doesn’t have to be an expert in cybersecurity and access control. However, they should know how to perform the following duties:

  • Monitor and track employees with access to crucial security information
  • Be the point of contact between your company and service providers such as alarm companies and security system maintenance crew
  • Be responsible for the maintenance of your company’s security systems
  • Relay security information to the site owner
  • Update key holder and access card information

You should trust not everyone with intricate details about your security protocols. Giving too many people access to your security information could hurt your company.

2. Secure All Your Building’s Access Points

You should always protect everything inside your building at all times. This includes assets and valuables such as your products, computers, and working desks.

Securing all access points to the building is the best way to physically protect your company. Closing windows and doors properly is not enough. Some thieves and invaders use air vents to access properties.

While air vents may look tiny from the outside, thieves have been known to remove the vent from the outside then demolish a section of the wall. This creates a space large enough for them to slide through. Once inside the building, they can easily open your doors or windows.

Install security bars on your windows and doors and secure your air vents with a locking system. This will discourage burglars from accessing your building, keeping you and your employees safe. If you sell valuable products or keep large amounts of money in a safe, invest in bulletproof material for maximum security.

3. Install Security Lights and CCTV Cameras Around the Property

Darkness creates a conducive environment for burglars to break into a building. Thus, investing in good exterior security lights is a crucial business security tip. This is especially true during the winter months. Put security lights in strategic positions all around the building, such as near CCTV cameras and at the parking lot.

You can also invest in invisible infrared lighting around the CCTV cameras. The naked eye can’t see infrared lighting; thus, your security team will pick up any intruders behind a security screen.

Ensure you also invest in high-quality all-weather security cameras, especially if you live in an area prone to harsh weather. Such cameras are equipped with night-vision, high-resolution video, and different ranges of weather resistance housing. That means your business will always be protected no matter the weather condition.

4. Protect Your Business Against Cyber Attacks

Are you looking for tips on how to improve security in an organization?

Thanks to the introduction of technology, most businesses are at risk of cyber-attacks. According to statistics, over 71% of all cybercrimes happen to small businesses with less than 100 employees. 

The following tips help you understand how to improve security system to stop cyberattacks:

  • Take note of emerging trends in the cybersecurity industry
  • Create a sturdy security protocol for all online aspects of your business
  • Keep your security safeguards, software, and hardware updated at all times
  • Educate your employees on online best practices
  • Invest in a strong firewall for your system

Burglars today are not only stealing physical assets; they also steal data and sensitive information. A cyber-attack can put your company out of business due to the financial repercussions. Regardless of your industry and your company’s size, protecting your data should be your number one priority.

5. Invest in an Alarm System

Are you wondering how to improve the Business Security Solutions in your company? Investing in a monitoring alarm system is one way to go about it. An alarm system with monitoring will effectively communicate essential details between your company’s security system and the security provider’s central station.

The control panel will send an emergency signal to the central monitoring station, notifying the police. A monitoring alarm system is ideal for employee and client safety if there is an attempted attack or robbery.

6. Conduct Regular Perimeter Checks

If your business resides in a property protected by a fence and gates, ensure you do regular perimeter checks to pinpoint any damage to the fence. Weather changes could potentially damage the shrubs and trees that fence your business premises. Any opening on the fence could act as an access point for trespassers and burglars.

7. Hire a Private Investigator

Are you looking to hire a private investigator to conduct a security sweep and background checks? 

Your company’s security could be compromised by a new employee, service provider, or a new business partner. Before working with anyone, it’s essential to do a background check and look into their criminal and civil records, credit reports, and bankruptcy information.

If you are concerned about your building and employees’ safety, a private investigator can help you conduct a security sweep. They will perform random spot checks to evaluate the building’s security and ensure it’s intact.

Stay Safe and Implement the Above Business Security Solutions

Applying the above business security solutions will keep your business premises and employees safe. Potential trespassers and thieves are often well-informed about any gaps in your security protocols. Covering all your gaps before disaster strikes will save you thousands of dollars.

Have you learned how to improve business security? For more informative tips, check out other posts on our website.


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