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12 Design Ideas for Bifold Doors

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By installing bifold doors during extensions and renovations, you can enhance the beauty of your home. These doors come in different styles, designs, and materials. If you want to create a link between the inside and outside of your home, look no further than installing bifolds at your property.

Whether you are planning to use a bifold as part of a patio or open dining room and kitchen, these doors are the perfect ways to modernize your home. If you are lacking with designs, to save your time and effort, we are mentioning the top twelve design ideas to incorporate into your bifold doors. Here we go!

A Wall of Doors Will Improve the Look of Kitchen and Dining Room

If you are planning a modern kitchen and dining room, bifold doors will look amazing between the both. The bifolds of full length will be stylish, spacious, and grand. It will also provide the room a lot of light, especially if your kitchen is located in a dark corner of the house.

Open your Garden Area

If your home is equipped with cramped or hard to get to back garden areas, installing a bifold door would be a wise idea to open your garden area.

Link your Indoor and Outdoor Areas

When your objective is to maximize the space in your home and to connect indoors and outdoors, installing bifolds is a great choice. It would be best to use the same flooring in both areas to make them identical.

Classic Design in Traditional Rooms


If your home is blessed with traditional rooms, a bifold design will work great. It would be best to purchase timber bifolds to give your rooms a classic feel and open your house on warm days.


Conservatories are the best ways to enhance the beauty of your bifolds. These are designed for bringing the garden inside the home and making it transparent. It would work best to install glass bifolds at your place. On the other hand, aluminum bifolds are great alternatives that require minimum maintenance.       

If you are choosing aluminum over glass design bifold doors, it is essential to purchasing it from a reputable manufacturer like Aussie Aluminium Enterprise. Aussie Aluminum Enterprise is one of the best aluminum bifold providers. They are popularly known for keeping a team of well-trained and experienced professionals to do your job quickly and perfectly.

Natural Light in a Dark Room

If you have a dark room that looks out onto the garden area or walled patio, bifold doors can help you in maximizing the light entering into your room. It will also maximize the space as it comes with door panels folding in on each other. It would be best to choose a white color scheme if you want to give a weightless look to your bifolds.

Bifolds on a Terrace or Balcony

You can benefit your terrace or balcony by installing a bifold as it offers natural light and increases the space. If you have a small balcony or terrace, bifolds will help you make the most of a small space.

Full Length, Top to Bottom


Bifold doors may give your ultra-designed home a busy little look, but it would give a great look to your overall house to install a whole wall sliding door. By adding a sliding door, you can completely transform your space into an open-look.

Add Different Door Styles in Uncommon Spaces

While there are many reasons to combine bifolds and sliding doors if your home design needs it, it would best to take a flexible approach. If you don’t have any experience designing your home or need some guidance, don’t hesitate to take the help of professionals.

Bifolds with Built-in Screens

As Australia gets hot in the summer and insects are persistent, you can stop overheating your home by installing built-in screens in the bifolds. While you can prevent heat from entering your house, you can also enjoy other benefits of installing bifold doors at your place.

Bifolds in an Older Home

If you own an older home, bifolds and sliding doors can add an accent to your home. You can make your extension bright, open, and allow light into your home without compromising the original architecture of the property.

Mix up the Colors

How about having a colorful exterior in your home? You can make your place colorful by installing composite bifolds and sliding doors. If you have a dark exterior and want to make your interior brighter, it would be a great choice for you.

The Bottom Line

While you can choose your favorite designs from the ideas given above, it would be best to take the advice of a professional if you want to make your home unique and perfect.     


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