Benefits of Billi Taps in the Workplace

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Billi taps are a type of taps that offer hot, cold, and sparkling clean water for homes and offices. They maintain the temperature of water between 74 and 92 degrees that are suitable for making tea and coffee. Also, some employees prefer drinking warm water that they can have by mixing cold and hot water.

However, Billi taps are not merely for hot and cold water, but they offer many other benefits for businesses. They help increase productivity and also the health of employees working in an organization. Let us know more about the benefits of Billi taps at the workplace.

They offer filtered water.

Before the hot and cold water, what a Billi tap does is that it filters the water and delivers odorless and sediment-free water. The crystal clear water free from sediments and contaminants. The taps have a filtration system that removes all the contaminants and chemicals to make soft water that is pure and fit for drinking.

Drinking sparkling clean water is good for digestion and overall health. People who drink filtered water do not suffer from illnesses that occur from contaminated water. So, if you plan to install a Billi tap in your office, you don’t need to install any additional water purifier.

Energy efficient

Billi taps make use of heat exchange technology that saves a lot of energy. They harness the heat energy that is released by cooling the water and use it for heating to deliver hot water. In this way, it saves energy by making use of heat exchange technology.

Sparkling water

These taps produce sparkling water, which means it adds carbon dioxide to the water. The bubbles of carbon dioxide gas make it appear sparkling when put in a glass. Many people prefer drinking carbonated water. So they don’t need to buy it from a store as the Billi tap delivers it in your office.

Smart heating system

They are equipped with a smart heating system that senses the temperature of the water and comes with a factory preset of 98.5 degrees. It means they heat the water as close to the boiling point that is the most suitable for tea, coffee, and hot beverages. Also, users who prefer drinking warm water can mix the hot and cold water to make it lukewarm.

Saves time

They put an end to the need to get up and wait for the kettle to bubble. In the working environment, this is particularly important. The larger the workforce, the greater the demand for hot drinks throughout the day – especially during breaks or during lunch. Kettles can only heat a certain amount of water while boiling faucets can provide boiling water even during times of high demand.

90% of the adult population in cities drink tea or coffee every day. This means that most of your employees drink hot drinks throughout the day. Switching to an under-counter water system eliminates the need for kettles, provides more water and reduces wait time for hot drinks. Billi taps can produce 90 to 250 cups of boiling water in an hour. So, if you have it in your office, your employees don’t need to wait for tea or coffee. Anyone can fill a cup of boiling water and put a teabag to prepare a cup of tea within seconds.

Encourage employees to drink water.

Many people suffer from dehydration as they don’t drink enough water daily as they forget to drink water when they get busy at work. Doctors say that one should drink 2 to 3 liters of water daily for optimal health. As Billi taps make hot, cold, and filtered water readily available, they encourage people at the workplace to drink adequate water to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Multiple options available

Billi taps are available in multiple options. You can choose the one that suits your requirements. These taps are available in options like boiling and chilled, boiling and sparkling, boiling and ambient, chilled and sparkling, etc. Whatever suits your business and employees, you can buy or lease. Some companies also offer these taps on lease. So, businesses don’t necessarily need to buy them.

Cooee water offers a wide range of water purifiers, dispenser systems, and Billi boiling products for homes and offices in Brisbane and Queensland. If you have a business in Brisbane or Queensland, you can consider buying any water system from them.

Final Words

These were the benefits of Billi taps in offices and workplaces. Not only do these taps offer hot and cold water, but they also encourage employees to stay hydrated. By having access to pure and clean water all the time, Billi taps contribute to better health and reduction in illness. Now, as you know about the benefit of these water systems, you can plan to install them in your office and guide others to do the same.

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