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How to Choose a Gas Provider?

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Almost every household uses cooking gas to prepare food and heat water. Food businesses that involve cooking also make use of LPG or natural gas. All users need to get the cooking from a supplier or distributor. There are multiple suppliers of gas available in urban and semi-urban areas.

However, they differ in the quality of service and many other things. Due to the difference in services, users need to choose a supplier wisely. They need to consider many factors like prices, quality, and timely services before choosing a service provider. Let us know some tips to choose a gas provider.

Delivery service


When looking for a gas provider, always check whether they offer a home delivery service or not. No user wants to visit the distributor every time they need a gas bottle. Almost all reputed suppliers offer a home delivery service. Even if you want a gas connection for your food business, you should choose a supplier that offers delivery at your place.

Timely service

If you have a single bottle facility, you cannot wait to cook for two days when your bottle gets exhausted. It becomes essential to get the new gas bottle as soon as possible to continue cooking and heating at home. Some suppliers claim to offer same-day delivery while others offer next-day delivery. Users should choose a distributor who offers the same day or next day delivery. It is better not to choose a supplier who takes more than one day to deliver gas bottles.

Price of gas bottles

Although the price of cooking gas is set by the state governments in most countries, it may depend on the company in some locations. The prices also depend on the size of the gas bottle, but different gas companies may offer different prices for the same size of bottles. So, you can compare the weight of gas bottles and their prices before choosing a supplier for your cooking gas.

Contract period.

The contract period of most companies is 1 or 2 years for domestic connections and between 2 to 5 years for commercial users. So, make sure to inquire about the contract period and have it specified clearly before taking a gas connection or service.

Customer Support

Many LPG suppliers offer customer care service, but the quality of service varies for every distributor. Some suppliers may have one or two persons to address the queries, while others may have a big team for different queries and complaints.

Installation services

Some gas companies offer installation services on their own, while others have tie-ups with third parties for installation. If you want to buy a new connection, you need to consider the installation services. Choose a supplier who offers the same day or next-day installation services on their own, not by a third party.

Inspection and Maintenance services


Some suppliers also offer inspection and maintenance services, but some do not. Every household needs regular inspection of their gas equipment and the required maintenance. You should choose a supplier or distributor that offers these services to keep your gas equipment in good working condition all the time.

Check the customer reviews.

Online reviews are one of the best ways to check the quality of service of any company. Check the customer reviews of every supplier you consider for your home. If most of the reviews are positive, you can choose that gas supplier. However, don’t ignore the negative reviews. Read both the positive and negative reviews before finalizing a distributor for your home.

Other Charges

Other than the cost of gas, you should also check other charges they ask you to pay. Some LPG suppliers will charge their customers for the initial installation, while others may offer it free of cost.

If you plan to terminate the contract, you will have to pay a fixed fee – are there any termination fees? Some vendors may charge a fee as part of the contract, so it is important to clarify this before entering into the transaction. Consider charging maintenance, insurance, and contract fees for tanks used for your business. Make sure you compare what the provider is charging.

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Final Words

These were the tips to choose a gas provider in any location. You need to check the reviews, customer feedback, compare the prices and quality of service before selecting an LPG supplier. Following these tips can help households and businesses choose a reliable gas provider for their homes and offices.  


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