Elliptical vs. Spin Bike : What’s Best for Your Workout Routine?

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Elliptical vs. Spin Bike : What’s Best for Your Workout Routine?

Are you wasting your time at the gym? The answer is probably no, but it’s worth taking a closer look at the equipment you’re using and how this corresponds to your fitness goals.

When considering the elliptical vs spin bike, these machines train different areas of your body and are not interchangeable. So what exactly is the difference between a spin bike and an elliptical?

Keep reading for our guide to choosing between these two machines and getting the most out of your workout routine.

Elliptical Pros and Cons

For those wondering which is better in the elliptical machine vs spinning bike debate, let’s start with the elliptical. A major advantage of the elliptical is the enjoyment and ease of use. Many gym-goers enjoy the feel of using the elliptical.

It’s easy to zone out while using the machine and watch time (and the number of calories burned!) fly by. It’s also a low-impact machine as your feet don’t leave the equipment.

Another key advantage of the elliptical is that it engages muscle groups throughout your body. Your thighs, buttocks, core, chest, arms, lower legs, and back are all engaged on this machine. Being a cardio machine, the elliptical will tone your muscles rather than build muscle mass like the strength machines.

A disadvantage of the elliptical is that it does not replicate any real-life exercise. So, if you’re training for an event such as a marathon or cycling race, using the elliptical will not improve your form, and it might not improve your endurance ability.

Spin Bike Pros and Cons

In the spin bike vs elliptical trainer discussion, we can now consider the spin bike. These machines have soared in popularity in recent years, with spin classes becoming a must-do activity.

One of the main benefits of the spin bike is that it is a low-impact way to work your lower-body muscles. It’s easy to control the resistance of the machine, and it’s the obvious choice for triathlon training.

In terms of the spin bike vs elliptical calories burned, this largely depends on how you use your bike. With a low resistance, the elliptical machine is the better calorie burner. However, a more vigorous workout on the spin bike results in more calories burned than on the elliptical.

A final point to consider about the spin bike is that there is scope to engage the stomach muscles. By rising out of the bike seat, you can work your core. The handlebars can also be tightened on a stationary bike to work your biceps and triceps.

So Which Is Better: Elliptical vs Spin Bike

It’s clear that the choice between a spin bike or elliptical trainer comes down to your fitness goals. But, if you don’t have any specific needs to meet, it’s worth using the machine you enjoy the most.

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