Chiropractor Near Me: 5 Ways to Tell if They Are Good

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You can easily imagine a visit to a great doctor, where you receive incredible bedside manner and the communication is excellent. Chiropractors are the same way. A visit should make you feel valued, and you should have confidence in their ability to attend to your needs.

However, it can be difficult figuring out what kind of care you will receive from a new chiropractor. And one bad experience could keep you away from chiropractic visits forever. We don’t want that! So, here are some easy tips for you to tell if a chiropractor is good.


You can find a quality chiropractor by engaging with other health professionals. Ask your primary care physician or physiotherapist for recommendations. Holistic medicine practices or even gyms may have information to guide you towards a good chiropractor. Keep in mind that some medical practitioners do not make regular contact with chiropractors, and so their recommendations may be limited.

You can also ask your co-workers, neighbors, friends, and family who they would go to. Keep in mind that these kinds of recommendations are different from a professional suggestion. One person’s definition of good may not be the same as someone else’s. That said, if one chiropractor keeps coming up in conversation, consider that person as reliable. You can also go online to read reviews or testimonials from previous clients. 

Quality Training

One thing you never want to overlook is the chiropractor’s training. A skilled chiropractor will be well-versed in the musculoskeletal system. They will also have experience working with the latest technologies in manual therapies as well as ways to alleviate pain successfully.

Look for accreditation from a medical institution. Chiropractors may also join national or local organizations. Generally, such education means the individual is reliable and knowledgeable.

This also means the chiropractor will have the latest technology available for therapies. For instance, they should be up to speed with radiography. Having a chiropractor who knows the technological advancements and how to use them will benefit you greatly.

Thorough Assessment

Any kind of medical professional should never jump right into providing care. They must also do a health assessment, which gives them insight into your condition but also creates an outline for how your sessions will proceed. You will know you have found a great chiropractor if they take the time to go over your medical history, perform simple tests, and conduct observation of your movement patterns for any sign of misalignment or pain.

An unqualified chiropractor, on the other hand, will avoid the assessment altogether. They will skip right to the examination, get you adjusted, and schedule you for the next appointment. All of that is done without checking in with you and how you feel.

Clear Communication

Communicating with the chiropractor happens before, during, and after your first consultation or visit. Before you ever arrive at the office, you should conduct an interview over the telephone. Optionally, you can have an in-office discussion to learn more about the chiropractor, their clinic, and the techniques they use.

During this time, you will be able to tell if you feel comfortable talking about what is happening or what you need. If the conversation is going well, you can even ask questions such as:

  • How long have you been a practicing chiropractor?
  • How many other clients have had problems like mine? Do you feel confident working on my issue?
  • What kind of therapies or technologies do you use?
  • Do you have any references?
  • Where did you go to chiropractic school? Are you affiliated with any organizations?

As you conduct the interview, consider whether the chiropractor is listening to your needs and if they are sensitive to your pain. They will inquire about the level of pain you experience then tailor the sessions to accommodate for that.

Now, a word of caution. There are some answers to these aforementioned questions that could be a significant red flag. Any of the following answers would mean the chiropractor’s practices are questionable:

  • The chiropractor tells you that they use techniques or have technology no one else uses
  • The chiropractor claims that they can cure medical conditions
  • The chiropractor recommends the same strategy to all of their patients and has no end point for the visits

Should you encounter such a chiropractor, do not do business with them. Get a second opinion.

Don’t Settle

No, we don’t mean that you might settle with a less than perfect chiropractor. What we mean is that no good chiropractor would be satisfied with a pain-free day. The realistic expectation in any clinical setting is that pain-free doesn’t mean symptom-free. In fact, most professionals understand that reducing pain and musculoskeletal imbalances could take weeks, months, or years.

And a good chiropractor will be real with you about that.

Furthermore, a quality chiropractor will never stop treatment just because you had a day without pain. Instead, they will want to continue working with you to make sure you leave their office better than when you first arrived. The end goal is to restore your health to its optimal condition. A chiropractor who cares about you will also want to prevent injuries. They never rush the process.

Wrapping Up

Finding a good chiropractor near you is easy when you know what to look for and the qualities that are best. You should aim for a chiropractor who is not only professional but also disciplined, educated, humble, and friendly. Someone who knows about your condition will also be helpful. Lastly, find someone who makes you feel comfortable. That will help you relax more during your session, so you can feel better faster.


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