Casino Edge Rate On Each Casino Game

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Online gaming is not all about the heap of advantages only for the players, but the online casinos also have to get something in return to run their business – check out Crown Gems. However, there is a widespread opinion that casinos profit when the online players lose at a game.

The fact is that all the online casino games have built-in factors, which bring some profit for the casinos. It is known as House Edge, which is present for all the casino games, including lotto, slots, roulette, jackpots, etc.

What Does a House Edge for a Game Imply?

The house edge for a game is crucial to know because it tells you about:

·         Over an average lifespan for a game, how much it is going to pay.

·         By comparing house edge rates for different games, it tells about their best returns.

So, house edge for different games are pre-built in and are not determined by the casinos.

How to Use House Edge

Online players can always use House Edge knowledge to determine which game might suit them and bring much profit. It is crucial to see whether a game has a high or low house edge because those with the high house edge pay less over time than those with the low house edge. Therefore, the Casino Edge Rate players must study the house edge before picking any game if they intend to make a massive profit.

House Edge Rates for Different Casino Games

Below are the house edge percentages for different casino games.

Casino GameHouse Edge
American Roulette5.26%
Baccarat1.01% – 15.75%
Craps0 – 16.67%
Keno20 – 40%
Slots2 – 15%
Video Poker0.46%
Caribbean Stud5.22%
Sic Bo2.78 – 33.33%

The above table follows that some games have variations in their house edge rate, and it is due to the conditions within the game rather than the Casino Edge Rate. Let’s study different casino games individually.

·         Slots: These are the 50 50% chance games as they do not require skills and work on chance. Many online Casino Edge Rate prefer to have online slots on their catalog because they have high house edge rates.

·         Blackjack: It is available with many variations and requires the player’s dynamic capability to draw luck. 0.5% is considered as a general house edge indication when you are a sensible player. However, this rate may increase if you play like a clueless player with not strategy in your mind.

·         Roulette: With roulette, too, there are variations, as the American style has a high house edge while the European or French-style roulettes have a low house edge. So, this game also requires a good strategy to beat the Casino Edge Rate.

·         Video Poker: It can be played virtually against computers and is most suited for those who have a vast knowledge of poker games. There are high chances to win over the house but with the condition of adopting the perfect strategy.

·         Baccarat: Though it is a game of chance, there are some rules that you can follow to keep the house edge at the minimum. Therefore, players can see up to 100% of RTP with baccarat.

·         Craps: This game usually could have multiple house edge rates because of its numerous betting options.


All in all, house edge plays a vital role in determining the payouts. Moreover, it depends on the player’s active strategies to bring down the house edge rate and win maximum payouts out of the game with the skilled-based games.


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