Chennai: A Plus for Any Traveller

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Different places have their distinct aura. If you think that you can get pleasure and leisure only in woods, hill stations or around beaches then you are mistaken. There are so many cities in India that have amazing tourist attractions for you. You can easily find a great time and experience once you are there.

One of the cities of India that you should never miss out on is Chennai. You can easily come across affordable and comfortable hotels in Chennai and do the booking. The point is the city has so many tourist attractions that you would take days to explore them all. And by the end of your trip to Chennai, your travelling bag would be full of memories, rich experiences, and wonderful moments. If you are still not sure about your visit to Chennai then here are some places that may add up to your excitement. After getting an idea about what the city can offer you, you would definitely want to go there.

Chennai in Brief

It could boost your interest that Chennai is not only the 4th hugest Indian city but it is even the thirty sixth metropolitan places in the world. The place is also one of must-going spots in Tamil Nadu. The rich heritage and custom of the city are the main reasons that the city is even referred to as the cultural capital of India. You would find historic places and stylish spots once you explore this city.

Beautiful Arignar Anna Zoological Park

This is the first ever zoo in the entire country. The zoo was constructed in the year 1855. This zoo was initially situated in Moor market from where it was moved to Vandalur in the year 1976. The massive 510-hectare zoo includes more than one hundred seventy species of wildlife. Some of the wildlife that is discovered at this spot is such as lion, tiger, hyena, panther, elephants, and various others.  You could love the elephant rides and lion safaris at this destination.  You can easily stroll the entire stretch of this park but if you feel tired then you can easily choose to take your tour on the battery operated vehicle rides

Semmozhi Poonga

This is a place that offers an amazing adventure from the warm sun and it is a definite visual treat for your eyes tired seeing manmade concrete. It is located at city’s center; the 20-acre park caters you lively scenic landscapes and lavish gardens. The well-organized gardens have more than five hundred varieties of trees and plants from all the areas of the world. Some of the trees at this place are even more than hundred years old. The species of plants at this place include medicinal plants and aromatic herbs. The artificial waterfall in this park looks really real.  You would find this park a treat not just for your eyes but for your mind and soul too. You would love this place once you go there. Amidst the hustle-bustle of the city, this place is a sure comfort for anyone.

The Splashing Marina Beach

This is naturally the readily pick for everyone who goes to Chennai.   It is the second longest beach in the whole world.  The huge area of silver sand allows for a wonderful walk along the coastline. Both Sunrise and sun set views are fascinating in this ideal setting. Some of the cool sports activities that you may relish at this beech are such as wind surfing , fishing, and even beach volley ball. You would definitely get to experience some charm at this place and your adventure buds will get a great contentment once therein. After all, you would never want to give up on a place that treats you like a celeb, right? You visit this place and you would not regret it for sure. Whether you are a youngster, an adult or even an old person, the beach is going to get you some good moments for sure.

Fort St. George

Another chief landmark that is crucial to the very being of Chennai is this amazing Fort St. George. It was the main British centre of power in the south and it lasts to become the seat of the Government of Tamil Nadu since the period of independence. The Fort is a milestone dipped in history and it was around its walls that Madras merged and grew into a city. This spot has seen a number of wars and conflicts since its formation in the year 1644 and even saw action during World War I. Once you are there, you can spot a great historic touch up at this place. You would find some historic vibes in this area and you would love it for sure.

Pallikaranai Wetlands

Though birding in Chennai has proved to be synonymous with popular Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary near Chengalpattu, what you might not understand is that the Pallikaranai marshland, which is a natural bird habitat situated inside the city, lures more species of both migrant and local birds than even that of Vedanthangal, which is one of the most widespread wetlands in the whole state.

The Pallikaranai marshland possesses a geographical space of more than eighty square kilometres. The wetlands derive a huge number of photography lovers , bird watchers, and fanatics during the annual migratory season. The spot has also attracted much interest towards its conservation in the last few years.

Santhome Basilica

The Santhome Basilica church is a beautiful place situated on the southern end of Marina Beach. It is a distinct type of church, raised on the tomb of St. Thomas, an apostle of Christ. It was renovated during the period of early 1970s and the church clearly draws huge populations. There is a lovely stained glass window at basilica that represents the tale of St. Thomas, and central hall possesses fourteen wooden signs depicting scenes from the last days of Christ. In the cathedral situated is a 3ft. High figurine of Virgin Mary that was transferred from Portugal in the year 1543. You surely would find divine vibes in this church. And the building will leave you pleased too.


So, you can check out amazing Hotels in Chennai for your stayover, and ensure that you have a good time for sure. The place is surely going to treat you well. These were only a few of the many places that you can go to in Chennai.


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