How to Use Video Marketing for your Online Business

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Video marketing is an essential tool in today’s time to exponentially grow your online business. The social media boom has revolutionized the way videos were used for entertainment and ads. Online business has become saturated and it’s very important to be noticed by using video marketing.

To market your online business on social media using videos you need to be creative, innovative, and witty to stand out amongst your competitors. Let’s find out how to use video marketing for any type of online business.

Strategy and Goals

An online business needs to set its goals to work upon its strategy of video marketing. It can be anything like a revenue growth model, raising your brand awareness, or building hype for your products. Your business’s goal for video marketing needs to be clear so that the message is communicated to the audience without hurdles. You can have an umbrella of video marketing goals like building engagement, driving sales, and increasing brand recall value. 

Once you’ve set your goal you need to identify your audience and build a solid strategy to target them. Targeting can depend upon your brand but is mostly done based on demographics, behavior patterns, problems they face, and an overall insight of the target audience. Your online business needs to provide a solution to their problems. After identifying your target audience, you need to develop a content plan and structure. This content plan will decide the style and method of your video production along with the platforms that you would want to put up your videos on. Those platforms will contain insights and analytics of your target audience. Based on those analytics you can choose to strategize the plan of action and the type of videos you want to create for your online business. 

Types of videos for your online business

Promotional video: These videos have your online brand’s feel painted all over them. Promotional videos are on the face advertising videos where the audiences consume the social media video content knowing that it’s an advert. These videos can be super creative but are hard to sell as audiences mostly want to skip social media advertising content. Here’s an example-


Demo video: Demonstration videos show the process to use your product from the perspective of a consumer usually handled by an expert. These videos are extremely helpful and provide value in turn increasing the organic reach of the video.

 Explainer video: These are detailed videos that explain a brand’s product or service. Explainer videos are highly insightful containing the product’s specifications, functionality and highlighting real-world usage.

 Behind the scenes: The best way to showcase your company’s culture is to create behind the scene videos that give the consumers a sneak-peak of the effort and day-to-day activities that occur while running an online business. The consumers are highly curious and these videos feed their curiosity by providing them the little things that mean a lot to a consumer. It also makes your online business transparent and adds to the brand’s credibility.

 Animated video: Animated videos allow limitless creativity to uplift a brand’s image. These videos are vibrant and lenient in approach, making them fun for the audience to watch. A good animator can make these videos highly engaging depending on the brief you create.

 Product Launch: Product launch videos are highly engaging and garner the most views if you create enough hype around them. These videos reveal products to the audiences for the first time while teasing them for more. Here’s an example-


Event Highlight: An event of your online business will be vast to cover and you cannot expect the audience to sit through the entire duration of a 2-hour video. Hence, you can use a quality video editor with features such as video speed controller and crop video options to create event highlights that sum up the messaging and cover the event’s important moments within a duration that is easier for the audience to consume. 

Customer Testimonials: Testimonials of existing consumers speaking about your online business builds trust amongst your audiences. As the testimonials vouch for your online business, the potential consumers feel safer investing in your product or service. 

FAQ video: Videos that answer the frequently asked questions by consumers are a gateway to crawling up your social media pages on search engines. FAQ videos provide high visibility and reach for your online business while providing solutions to your consumer’s problems.


While we agree that social media video marketing for an online business can be expensive, you can cut down on your costs by simply switching to recording the videos with your smartphone. Fixing a budget for your social media video marketing will simplify costs while providing you a clear picture of the ROI.

Video marketing for your online business will prove to be highly rewarding by increasing brand awareness, social media engagement, and boosting sales.


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