Want to Get Hired? 5 Amazing Tips to Crack Any Interview

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The job arena has evolved by leaps and bounds in the last one decade. Call it the rise of dotcom companies or the emergence of creative niches and nomenclatures, but making it to your dream job requires a strong command over soft skills, which are assessed during job interviews. Anyone who has entered the world of linkedin and set their profile on ‘open to work’ knows that it is not about getting a job, but about getting a dream job! So, if you already got your foot in the door and are preparing for the final showdown, here are some amazing tips that will come in handy!

History and geography of the company

So you are all prepped up for the interview but did you even go through the company portfolio? Do you really think that the Fortune 500 and FAANG companies will hire someone who knows nothing about their portfolio? Please, make it a point to visit the website and youtube channel to know what projects have they handled in the last few years. This is of special importance if you are applying in a creative agency like advertising or marketing. Go through their LinkedIn profile to see what brands and ads have they worked on and what kind of creative insights are they looking for.

Be conversational

There are usually two types of interviews- the technical round and the HR interview. Some companies conduct the technical round via written test, others prefer to have a face-to-face test. If the latter is the case, then a technical round would require you to be thorough with the topics. Once you clear the initial test, the next round is usually an HR round where you are interviewed by someone from Human Resource or managerial position. Try to be conversational without beating around the bush. Your answers should be clear but a simple yes or no would not do justice because the interviewer is looking for soft skills to consider your candidature. Try the Interview Kickstart on LinkedIn to prepare yourself for some common interview questions.

Dressing up or dressing down?

Don’t get all flustered because you are asked to dress down for an interview! Well, you must have received tons of advice regarding how to suit up or dress aptly according to the interview but it is also true that the pandemic has changed some basic norms. If you are about to appear for a virtual interview, make sure to not dress too formally since you are still in your home. Dress up smartly but avoid blazers or too formal attire.

Stay clear about your work experience

If you have work experience in the form of employment or internship, make sure to elaborate it during your interview. Do not leave any stone unturned in communicating your skill set to your potential employer. In order to have a better command and chronology, you must practice your resume before the interview. Your work experience should be a point from where the conversation picks up, and not give way to clarification. For this purpose, have short and crisp answers prepared in advance. The usual order begins from your latest work experience and goes back to your first. If you need additional help, check the tutorials for Interview Kickstart on YouTube to help you frame your resume description for the interview.

Go through the job description

Trust us on this one, reading the job description provided by the company always goes a long way since it gives you an idea about what kind of answers the company is looking for from your candidature. During the interview, make sure to frame your answers as per the requirements in the job description. So for instance, if the JD requires someone with great communication skills, you can talk about your co-curricular activities in which you participated. Similarly, if you have applied for a job which requires writing skills, talk about your experience in writing. Additionally, this also gives you a chance to talk about your strengths which helps you secure your chances at getting the job.

Conclude every interview with gratitude and smile and don’t forget to thank the employer for their time. Always remember, the employer is looking for reasons to hire you, therefore make sure you give him many during the interview.


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