All you need to know about the benefits of Thai massage

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Thai massage can provide you with endless benefits. In fact, many of its benefits are backed by scientific studies.

In this post, we will have a closer look at all you need to know about benefits of Thai massage.

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All you need to know about the benefits of Thai massage

Gives you permanent relief from headaches

If you are experiencing migraine or tension headaches, then a traditional Thai massage can give you permanent relief. It can also ease you pretty smoothly out of the symptoms.

Several studies conducted by the researchers involving patients suffering from migraines and tension headaches have found out that Thai massage actually reduces the intensity of the pain. After reducing the intensity, it gives you permanent relief as well.

If you don’t want to have pharmaceutical substance for either migraine or tension related headaches, then you can definitely try the non-pharmaceutical substance such as the Thai massage. Researchers concluded that the benefits of Thai massage can last from several days up to 15 weeks.

Gives consistent results in relieving back pain

Thai massage is definitely an effective way to getting permanent relief from back pain. It is also a non-pharmaceutical way to get consistent relief from this kind of annoying pain. For IT employees most of them will definitely have a back pain for example Thai massage in Bangalore and even some various types of massage most working people will go for pain and stress relief.

A study conducted with 120 people with low to medium level of back pain on the effects of Thai massage revealed significant results. Half of the test group treated with Thai massage and other half of the group treated with other conservative management techniques that included joint mobilization, a technique that involves applying pressure, hot packs, and manual stretching to painful areas.

Both groups were treated for four weeks continuously and unsurprisingly, both groups experienced significant pain relief. Other studies have found out that the Thai massage reduces back pain associated with trigger points such as tight, painful muscle clusters in the upper back.

Gives you significant relief in joint stiffness and pain

Thai massage also improves joint pain and stiffness. It is particularly helpful in removing such pain and stiffness during your movements.

In a separate study conducted by the researchers towards people with knee arthritis employed a program of Thai massage combined with wand exercises to study the effects on this problem. Researchers have found that the study participants felt less pain and able to walk freely after the eight week program.

In another separate study, researchers conducted a different experiment involving people with osteoarthritis of the knee. They have found that three weeks of Thai massage provided significant pain relief.

Surely increases flexibility and range of motion

If your issues with range of motion and flexibility is affecting your athletic performance or making it pretty challenging to get around, then Thai massage will help you move very easily by easing both of those problems. A 35 member soccer group was part of a study conducted by the researchers to find out the effects of massage on the athletic performance.

After receiving massage three times in a 10 day period, the players showed significant improvement in doing sit and reach exercises.

Researchers conclude that massage increases flexibility and range of motion because it has the ability to improve both blood flow and oxygen supply to the muscles.

This invariably decreases pain and muscle adhesion. Another study found that the massage have improved player’s speed and agility on the field.

Eases you out of anxiety

Generally, one of the most wonderful facts about any massage therapy let alone massage has the ability to bring a sense of calm and relaxation to your body. Although massage is proven to be more energetic than any other form of massage therapy, it has been shown to lower anxiety and increase a powerful calming effect in your body.

Studies have proven that people who receive massage on a regular basis reported to have lower level of psychological stress after each session. The brain scans of several people have proven that people receiving regular massage reported to have lower anxiety than people who received other physical treatments for the same condition.

Revives energy

You should note that Thai massage incorporates whole-body movements, many of which are yoga like. For this excellent reason, people who leave the Thai massage sessions report that not only they feel body related relaxation, they feel a sense of calm and rejuvenation.

In one study, researchers compared the effects of both massage and Swedish massage on fatigued people. They interviewed the participants after their massage sessions and those who have received massage said that they felt mentally invigorated and physically energized.

We hope that we are able to give you a clear overview of all you need to know about the benefits of massage. As we’ve mentioned earlier, there are endless benefits available in receiving massage regularly you can visit to learn more.

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