Soccer and Sports betting after 2019 Pandemic: What to expect?

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The sports betting wagering industry took a massive hit due to Covid-19. People couldn’t go outdoors, and it cancelled several major sport events worldwide. Thus, bookies couldn’t offer odds on popular sports. As a result, the case was quite the opposite for other online wagering segments.

However, the good news is, 2021 is going to be quite an exciting year for punters. Even though the pandemic isn’t over yet, the sports are coming back.

Market Overview 

The GGY (Gross Gambling Yield) between April 2019 to March 2020 saw a marginal decrease. However, the GGY of the remote wagering sector increased by 8.1%. That includes football and horse betting.  

  • The total valuation of the online gambling market will reach $87.75 billion by 2024.
  • During this forecast tenue, the market will expand due to the rising convenience of cashless payment methods.
  • AI is gradually taking over the market.
  • Many companies are expanding into online sports wagering after it became legal in the US in 2018. This, too, is supporting the market growth.

Soccer Games and Wagering Trends in 2021

Are you eager to find out what this year has in store for online punters out there? Many soccer lovers go to sites like MightyTips  to get better at online gambling. Kate Richardson, the author here, offers valuable insights about the betting trends you can expect to see more in the coming years.

Punters can look forward to bigger tournaments in 2021 as bookmakers offer odds on games like ESL Pro Tour StarCraft 2 and FIFA World Cup. As the virtual sports industry grows leaps and bounds, more sports wagering sites will offer odds on competitions for titles like Call of Duty, DOTA 2, Fortnite and League of Legends.

Some of the major soccer leagues have been active since June 2020, and it doesn’t seem to disappoint soccer players this year. Several international tournaments and finals are held in August. In the coming months, Copa America Championship, the Gold Cup, and other matches will be held online, if not in real stadiums. Fans can watch them at home without missing any seasons.

Several tournaments have lined up for the entire year, such as UEFA Champions League Quarter Finals, Semis, and finals in April-May. In June, you can catch Euro 2021 live, which will go on till July. The Tokyo Summer Olympics begins, and the gold medal match will be held in August.

September and October will have UEFA World Cup 2022 Qualifying matches, and NWSL playoffs begin in November, and a few more in the pipeline. These tournaments’ exact dates cannot be guaranteed due to the ongoing situation. They may be pushed a few days forward depending on the circumstances. Still, soccer fans will not be disappointed this year.

That being said, the last few months have seen several football leagues taking place, and with vaccinations growing steadily, we can expect a few tournaments to happen this year. For instance, the English Premier League continued despite the many lockdowns in Britain this year.

Knowing who will perform in Soccer Matches

Punters looking at matches after the pandemic have to be wary – player forms can dip and teams that have been traditionally good may not fare as well right now.

The comeback of Sports betting will not have an adverse impact on this ongoing betting trend.

The Pehnomenon of Cryptocurrency Gambling

There is another interesting development today in the world of soccer and e-sports betting.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are why punters are becoming increasingly bent towards online wagering. The end word here again is convenience. You get the chance to choose the best betting sites with cryptocurrency payment modes to fund your bankroll. Plus, many companies offer special bonuses for placing bets with such cashless currency.

Even though last year has been challenging for many, things were brighter for cryptocurrency users. The value of Bitcoin had already reached approximately 20,000 USD a few years ago. However, the figure spiked last year. Today, Bitcoin valuation is over 31,000 US dollars and will probably hit $300,000 by the end of 2021.

The Cryptocurrency betting trend is not new, but it has been in the infancy stage for a long time until now. More and more people are therefore becoming interested in the worth of cryptocurrency.

Even businesses, including online gambling companies, are not lagging in this case. There are already plenty of popular online casinos accepting a range of cryptos as their payment method. More punters are looking at using crypto to place their bets.

And with the increasing noise of cryptocurrency value, more bookies and wagering companies are also going to start accepting cryptocurrency transactions this year.

Major Tournament Schedules for 2021

Be sure to mark the following items on your calendars to bet on:

  • March Madness (NCAA men’s basketball tournament) is scheduled to happen between March 18 to April 5.
  • Wimbledon is resuming from June 28 to July 11.
  • The first NFL Draft will be held in Cleveland on April 29.
  • The Major League Basketball Season 2021 opened on April 1.
  • The Masters will also start in April (second week).
  • The Stanley Cup is tentatively scheduled for July 15.

Within 2020 to 2027, the global sports betting market is expected to reach a 9.99% CAGR. The number includes soccer, poker, horse racing, hockey, basketball and many others. Smartphone penetration is already increasing the number of online bettors worldwide, and the application of the 5G network will only increase it further.

Since many significant events have found mediums to resume matches, this online betting in Belgium industry will continue to recover. Even though people, including the government, believe that Sports betting isn’t the solution for the trying times, they could uplift the spirits of many. Overall, sport betting enthusiasts can count on 2021 as a promising year.


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