Treating ED: 7 Myths and Misconceptions in 2021

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Erectile dysfunction is a highly common condition experienced by men of all ages. Separating fact from fiction is an important process to help keep the conversion and information surrounding ED accurate and up to date. Below are 7 of the most common myths on the internet in 2021.

Myth 1: Viagra starts working straight away

Many people think that Viagra starts to work immediately once taken. However, Viagra typically takes around 30 minutes to start working following sexual arousal. Given that everyone is different, the time it takes to kick in actually does vary slightly. It can be slightly longer than 30 minutes and can be influenced by certain factors. Drinking alcohol for example can delay the time it takes for Viagra to kick in.

Myth 2: If ED treatment doesn’t work once it will never work

ED medication is regarded as the ‘first line’ therapy option. However, on rare occasions, ED treatment may not work as expected. It’s important not to disregard the medication as the efficacy may be affected by different factors such as alcohol consumption. Furthermore, it’s important to try other ED treatments in different dosage options to see which works best for you.

Myth 3: Viagra is also an aphrodisiac

Viagra does not increase sexual drive once taken, it’s not regarded as an aphrodisiac. However, it can improve a man’s sex life so and in turn promote increase sexual activity.

Myth 4: Natural remedies are just as effective as medication

Natural remedies for certain ailments can help to manage or treat symptoms. However, when it comes to reliability and efficacy, natural supplements often fall short. Medication is regarded as the recommended and primary solution to treating erectile dysfunction. For more details visit

Myth 5: To treat ED you need to see a doctor first

It’s often thought that any medication purchased to treat ED must be done so via a face-to-face meeting with a GP, doctor or health expert. This experience may be embarrassing, off-putting and uncomfortable… so it’s a good job you can order ED medication online without having to physically get a prescription or collect medication.

Clinically proven erection treatment such as Viagra can be purchased online from Pharmica – the UK’s trusted and popular online pharmacy.

Myth 6: A prescription is needed to purchase Viagra

While Viagra does require a prescription, you can purchase the active ingredient in Viagra (Sildenafil)as the over-the-counter equivalent, Viagra Connect. Viagra Connect does not require a prescription in the UK.

Myth 7: Erectile dysfunction only affects older men

This is simply false. While more men tend to experience erectile dysfunction, younger men do as well. There are many reasons that can cause ED, most often the underlying cause is due to a physical reason such as reduced vascular health, cardiovascular disease, obesity, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

Quite often, as we age, these lifestyle factors become more prominent. However, psychological reasons such as depression, anxiety and stress can cause ED. These can cause ED in younger men. It’s important to either seek advice from your GP or doctor or order treatment online to help treat erectile dysfunction.     

Erectile dysfunction is often not talked about openly, so it’s important to know fact from fiction to help with treating the condition. Furthermore, knowing the facts can help decrease anxiety about the condition, especially if you think you may have or are experiencing the condition.


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