Call Your Locksmith When You Have These Lock Problems

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Door locks not only enhance security in a home, but by doing so they also create a sense of safety. It is this reason, almost every home has door locks on them.

However, there are times when you will have problems with your lock and this leaves your home open to the threat of unwanted entry into your home. Your valuables and safety become at risk or theft or harm.

So when you have any of the following issues with your locks you need to contact your local locksmith. A quality professional will be able to assist with all of the following issues and help regain safety and security to your residence.

Lock Not Locking

All of us are used to living in a house with locks. As such, you can never feel safe with no locks, or when they stop working.

The reason a lock stops working could be related to a number of causes. The lock could be jammed due to a lack of lock lubricant, it could have debris stuck inside it or it be too old and rusted closed.

Whatever the cause a locksmith should be able to repair the issue, or in the worst case scenario a lock replacement may be needed.

Lost Key With None to Copy

We have all done it. Gone out and returned home to realise that we have lost our key somewhere along the way.

If you had a spare key from a housemate, friend or relative, you could easily pop into your local hardware store that copies keys and get them to make you a copy. However there are often times when you do not have another key to copy.

In these cases a skilled locksmith can make a new key to suit the lock by using specialised equipment.

There is a way in which they can do this so all of the older keys will still work. Also, there is another way they can do this which is called rekeying the lock.

Rekeying will change the lock mechanism so that previous keys will no longer work. Only the new version of the key will operate the lock. This is a better option if you want to render all older keys useless to prevent anyone finding an old key and gaining access to your property.

No Clicking Sound When the Door Lock Is Closed

Misaligned door locks pose a danger. It means they have malfunctioned, and it is easy for them to be picked. You can tell it is misaligned when you close, and there is no clicking sound.

It happens when the strike plate (a metal plate in the locking mechanism) becomes loose. This is best fixed by a qualified locksmith.

Faulty bolts and latches should be fixed. Misalignment may seem to be a small problem that you can DIY to fix. This is not always advisable as you could worsen the issue.

You do not want to do the wrong thing that could result in expensive repairs. Have your locksmith work on it instead.

Loose Door Locks

A simple component can compromise your door locking mechanism’s integrity. It could be due to age, or a loose component.

This leads to loose door locks that make your home susceptible to break-in. It gives intruders easy access to your house.

The moment that you realize the locks are loose or not working properly, call your locksmith right away. They will advise whether a replacement or a repair is ideal.

Broken Key inside the Door Lock

This is another problem that should be taken care of immediately. Your door locking mechanism malfunctions when a broken key is stuck inside.

With this situation, locking or opening the door will not be possible. Even when you have a spare key, it will not help.

It is an emergency that requires a qualified locksmith.


Loose door locks, broken key inside the Lock Problems, and misaligned locks must be taken care of right away. These are misfortunes that can happen at any time.

Once you discover that your door Lock Problems have these issues, call your locksmith. This is regardless of the time of day or night.

It is for this reason that you should work with a locksmith who is available round the clock. At times, you could notice a problem with the Lock Problems but then without understanding how it seems to be fixed.

In such a case, you will still need to seek locksmith services. It should be fixed to prevent a bigger issue.


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