Is Baccarat or Roulette the Best Game to Play Online?

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There are of course lots of different card and table games that you can play online, and one that is popular with plenty of players is the baccarat online real money game, for it boasts a relatively low house edge dependent of course on just which betting opportunity you get on. You can find a list of the top casinos offering baccarat for real money on

There are three betting opportunities available to you when playing the standard Baccarat variant that being you can bet on the Players Hand to win or the Bankers Hand to win and those are the lowest house edge bets.

The one bet you should avoid placing however is the third betting option that being the Tied Hand bet. That is a bet that does come with some large payout odds, however the house edge on that bet is way higher than the other two options so it is a bet you should avoid placing.

Some variants online also offer an optional side bet which may give you the chance of winning a progressive jackpot or a range of bonus payouts, however that bet also comes with a high house edge so is one you should never be tempted to place.

Roulette Variants offer Different House Edges

It is important to note that each different Roulette variant you come across will offer a different house edge, and different bets and wagers that you can play onto the betting layout can also offer a different house edge too.

The variants you should avoid when playing roulette online casino games are those that have more than one zero on the wheel. I say that as American Roulette for example does have two zeros on the wheel and betting layout, and that extra zero means that they house edge on that variant is 5.26%.

The European variants has a much lower house edge due to it only having one single zero on the wheel and for reference that house edge is just 2.70%, so that is a game you should be looking to play to get more playing value out of your often overstretched bankroll.

However, having said that, if the only wagers you place when playing Roulette are the even money paying ones such as the Odd and Even number bets then you should be making a beeline to play French Roulette online instead.

That variant has a house edge of just 1.35% on the even money paying bets due to the unique playing rules that comes into play when a zero has been spun in. In fact, the French Roulette game can have one of two different rules in place that results in that variant having such a low house edge whenever a zero is spun in.

The first rule could see your losing even money paying bets remaining in place on the betting layout for the nest spin when zero has been spun in, so you get another chance of winning, and the other rule is that half the value of all even money paying bets are returned to players when a zero has been spun in.

Other Popular Casino Card and Table Games

Do not forget though that you are going to find every imaginable casino card and table game on offer at most if not all casino sites, and as such it is true to say no matter which game you fancy playing you will certainly find plenty of different variants of that game at any casino site.

Those additional games will include Craps and Blackjack, but at the end of the day to have any chance of winning or much more likely having some extended playing sessions do to you being able to recycle your bankroll many times, you will need to stick to playing the variants that offer the lowest house edge.

Plus, when playing games such as Blackjack in particular, you will need to master the best playing strategy, so do keep that in mind at all times.


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