Wedding Gifts to Honor the Happy Couple

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Wedding bells are ringing, and romance is in the air! Choosing the perfect wedding gift is a mixture of considering the personality of the couple, and the sentimentality you wish to offer them. Whether it is a functional item to be used on their honeymoon, or in their new home, a piece that memorializes the special day, or simply a gift they can share with one another, together; a thoughtful gift choice will sincerely demonstrate your support and affection for them.

Monthly Subscriptions: Help them Celebrate their Union Throughout the Year

The couple that plays together, stays together. Choose from a variety of subscriptions that best suit the couple’s interests.

  • Cocktail Club Boxes – Whether it is date night or a dinner party, the couple will love being able to share new aperitif recipes. Shaker & Spoon, American Cocktail Club, and FirstLeaf, are just a few of the many examples.
  • Mystery Board Games – Games like Finders Seekers, Conundrum Box, and Unbox Boardom, will get the couple solving riddles together, hunting for clues, and working together toward a goal like they never had to before, ever.
  • Clothing Subscriptions – Take your pick from Stitch Fix, Frank and Oak Style Plan, and Wantable Fitness. Each company is focused on styling both men and women, with their budget and personality in mind.

Wedding Gift Baskets: Savoring Life One Bite at a Time

Everybody loves gift baskets. They are timeless and are perfect for every occasion. Set the happy couple up with a Wedding Gifts basket from a reliable and trusted supplier,, and they’ll be saying “Yum” after “I do,” all the way to the bottom of the beautiful basket.

  • Celebrations Gift Basket – Nothing quite says “Let’s celebrate” like this basket. Filled with delights such as Soft Vanilla Apple Caramels, Crisp Rose Wine, and Chocolate Chip Cappuccino Cookies, it is Kosher Certified, and newlywed approved.
  • Bakery Photo Gift Box – An assortment of brownies, pastries, and cookies, packed delicately inside a handsome crafted photo box, ready to display pictures of the couple as they fell in love. Even long after the cookies have been eaten, and savored, the photo box can be home to cherished mementoes.
  • Champagne Wedding Gift – What could be more meaningful than a customized Wedding Gifts complete with the couple’s names and Wedding Gifts date? This bottle of champagne is available to be engraved and is presented inside a gorgeous custom wine box. This gift offers the ideal way to add sentimental elegance, and longevity, to your Wedding Gifts.

Functional Wedding Gifts: Because Life Happens

The wedding day may be filled with frolic and fantasy, but after that, it is back to maintaining the house, and organizing the day to day living chores. Functional gifts are always deeply appreciated.

  • Kitchen Tools and Supplies – If the couple is starting out fresh, it is likely that they will need a bevy of kitchen supplies which they are not even aware of yet. This will include items like a food processor, toaster, extra flatware, dishes, etc. Items go missing, and break. Having extras of everything, is never a bad thing.
  • Serving Platters and Trays – Once the couple’s living space is up and running, hosting dinner parties will become a regular event.  The newlywed’s will require plenty of serving platters and trays to make socializing an art form all their own.
  • An Exceptional Coffee Maker – Today, coffee makers can do just about anything, except for washing the dishes. Start the couple off right with a coffee maker that boasts features for brewing espresso, lattes, macchiatos, and more. They will thank you every morning.

Group Gifts: Putting the Unreachable Within Arm’s Reach

When a new couple is just getting started, it’s often difficult for them to save for various large items, and significant events in their future. However, with the help of family and friends, in collaboration, these things become less fantasy, and more reality.

  • Home Down Payment – Whether they are saving up for a mini cabin in the woods, or an extravagant lake house, combining efforts and offering a sizeable chunk of money toward the couple’s home down payment, is a generous gift with their future in mind.
  • Charity Donation – Sometimes a couple has just about everything they need, or they live deeply within the spirit of giving. Going in on a charity donation of the couple’s choosing, is a loving gift in the name of their union.
  • Continued Education Fund – Are one or both individuals planning on going back to school? Universities and adult education classes can be costly. Why not help the couple in their efforts to better their future, with combined donations toward their education fund.

While choosing just the right gift for the significant couple in your life can prove complicated, it certainly does not have to be a daunting task. Taking your time to consider a gift which fits their needs and lifestyle, is a good place to start. If they end up with a smile on their faces, you will know you’ve done your part.



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