Essay Writing on Education is the Key to Success

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A lot of professors consider essay writing to be the key to success. A student devotes time to planning and its realization. One searches for facts and develops clever arguments or provides unique ideas. Essay writing helps people concentrate on something, analyze data, express ideas, and draw sound conclusions. An essay about education is a perfect tool to highlight the value of knowledge and professional skills. In other words, it is the key to success.

Nevertheless, it is not a simple task. People often struggle trying to select the right word to mirror their thoughts on a piece of paper. They even turn to professional essay writing services similar to CustomWritings.com to get a custom-written paper online or a sample essay or information to introduce in the paper. This article is a guide to successful academic writing. You should follow the recommendations to write the best essay ever.

How to Write an Essay on Education as a Key to Success?

The outline is the first thing you should do to start writing your essay on education. It is better to brainstorm to gather all ideas in one place and order them logically. An average essay consists of three main parts – an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The proportion of its parts is 10/80/10% of the total volume. It means that the intro and summarizing are short while the body is the longest part. 

The beginning is to intrigue. You should start with a prominent saying, shocking statistic, contradictory argument, or interesting question. For example, “Thomas Edison was a school loser. His school teacher considered him mentally retarded.” Readers will surely want to go on reading to find out what helped the inventor achieve such prominent results in his career. Not everyone knows that his mother found an individual approach to her almost deaf son and managed to provide his son with proper education.

The body must develop the idea. If it is a narrative essay, a person should manifest personal thoughts concerning the topic. It is necessary to introduce facts, life stories, or personal experiences to support the subject of the essay. For example, the survey proved that high school students are more likely to suffer poverty compared to graduates with a Bachelor’s degree. Vivid examples always impress and help a student sound convincingly. 

A conclusion restates the core idea and stresses the importance of education in human life. Professional writers often use rhetorical questions or dilemmas to make their readers ponder on the problem after reading. For instance, you might finish “…but will higher education help people from Haiti live better?” 

What Ideas about the Value of Education to Include?

An essay on education as a key to success is to be convincing. Sometimes, people do not understand this universal truth until they face difficulties in self-realization. It is a common thing to meet students over 40 years old who try to get the desired occupation but do not have the demanded educational degree. It is never too late to study. Education provides 8 benefits to those who want to be successful.

  1. Control 
  2. Opportunities
  3. Competitiveness
  4. Profit
  5. Self-realization
  6. Confidence
  7. Endurance
  8. Planning

If you have a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral Degree, you will have a chance to choose a job you like. First, a person gets knowledge and skills in college. Then, he or she searches for a job that will satisfy both parties. Finally, one starts working and might change occupation or move to another country to earn more. People without education are afraid to lose their job because they are not competitive. Employers want to hire educated personnel not to waste time on their teaching. 

Today, college and university curriculums aim at developing their students’ critical thinking. Students improve their problem-solving skills as most of them have part-time jobs, after-class activities, and volunteering duties. Time management, endurance, control of finances, unique solutions, and flexibility belong to essential skills and qualities in the XXI century job market. 

If you make the right choice, your hobby or preferences will be compatible with your job. By doing what one likes, a person feels more self-confident. An individual starts planning, innovating, and making this world better for the next generations. Besides, it is such a pleasure to make a profit due to things you are eager to do even in your free time. 

For example, writers, designers, and artists do not stick to their workplace. They can create at home, in the street, at night, in the morning, and wherever or whenever they want. The main thing is inspiration. A person cannot feel it watching the routine and monotonous walls of the office. So, as a rule, they are free to enjoy their job in comfortable and inspiring places.

Things to Do Before Sending the Paper

An “A” goes to students whose essays have well-researched and catchy content in combination with correct formatting and grammar. It is not enough to write a good essay. Tutors always remind their students of proper structure and format. It is important to write 5 paragraphs or 800 words instead of 300 or 1200. It makes students learn how to perform the task to satisfy the demands. Thanks to that, a person will be able to pay attention to details and become a professional at work. Employers adore employees who do not need numerous repetitions and extra time to correct mistakes.

Another important thing is plagiarism. Copied papers spoil the reputation of a person. Cheating is welcomed neither in education nor at work. Uniqueness is worth paying. Plagiarism makes a person lazy. It prevents a student from success. One should have a plagiarism checker and scan a paper before sending it to a tutor. Moreover, an essay must have proper margins, font, spacing, and a cited sources section.

So, one should keep in mind the following requirements for a stellar essay on education are the key to success.

  • structuring
  • formatting (MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.)
  • research
  • logic 
  • uniqueness
  • grammar

One needs to present a list of sources a student has read to write a paper. Otherwise, it will also be cheating.


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