How to Make Sure you Have Everything you Need for your Next Golf Outing

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Whether it’s your first or 100th outing, I’ve compiled a list of ways to prepare for your outing that if you follow, is going to help make your round more pleasurable!

Get the proper equipment

Before jumping onto the golf course, it is better to gain an idea of what equipment you have. Be certain to have a complete set, in order for you not to have any distance gaps in between shots. Distance gaps are when there’s a minimum of a 15-yard difference between clubs. Then, ensure that you have a dependable golf bag that will hold all your equipment. In addition, all your clubs should be ready for play and clean.

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Stock up on supplies

Your golf equipment is ready for play; now it is time to get your golf supplies in order. Be fully stocked with:

  • Golf Balls
  • Golf Towel
  • Divot Repair Tool
  • Ball Markers
  • Golf Tees

Different kinds of outings

Every outing has its own set of “rules” that the playing field has to obey. The following are the most popular kinds of outings you’ll find:

  • Stroke Play: Such an outing is more competitive and typically requires that you have a handicap. A handicap involves the recorded average number you’re over par throughout several rounds. Your handicap is used to place you with other people who are in your same handicap. Stroke play outings are an individual event in which the lowest score wins.
  • Scramble: Such an outing is the most used and most popular team tournament. Scramble’s rules include playing from the “best shot,” chosen by the group, for every shot. At the end of a round, each group turns in their scorecard in which it’ll be tallied up for prizes. The majority of courses give a reward for 1st, 2nd as well as 3rd places. It’s the best kind of outing to play when you’re a beginner because it enables you to learn and become accustomed to the game as you do not need to hit every shot.

Sign up for an event

It is time to sign up for your outing! Step one includes finding who you’ll be playing with (if a scramble). Step two includes finding an outing you wish to play in.

Study course scorecard

After getting signed up, you now should research the golf course scorecard. Many golfers select outings at courses they’ve never previously played. While that’s a good method of playing new courses, it leaves you at a disadvantage for not being familiar with the layouts of the holes.

Go to the driving range

Start practicing! It is time to get your golf game elevated before playing in an outing. The best method of doing so includes going to a nearby driving range and practice areas of your golf game you’re having problems with.

Practice golf round

After you’re more confident with your golf swing, it is better to get a practice golf round in at the course in which the outing is going to be played at.

Arrive early for the event

The secret to being prepared for an outing includes being organized. Following the aforementioned steps will help you be more focused for play. Step two includes showing up early for the outing. Every outing starts at a certain time. If you’re playing within a stroke play tournament, you’ll probably have received details concerning your beginning tee time.

Know the directions given at a course

Every course has a set of local guidelines or rules they’ll go over before an outing. They may explain them over the loudspeaker or on a note inside your golf cart. Now you’re ready to play! Keep in mind, the ultimate goal includes having a good time out on the golf course with either family or friends. These tips are made to assist in enhancing your enjoyment and improving your confidence while playing.


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