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Sustainable Skincare: Safest and Most Eco-Friendly Methods

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Sustainable skincare to maintain a youthful glow can be quite tough. When you go to a cosmetics store, you would see lots of stuff that you are not even sure could do more harm than good to your skin.

Disposables are everywhere, but do you know how much they damage the Earth? Now, more than ever, companies have started making reusables to reduce environmental impact. You could find washable makeup remover pads, reusable q-tips, and so much more.

While some would still find that single-use products make their lives easier, many have switched to eco-friendly methods. Reusable straws, cups, bags, and the likes have also become popular as it helps leave the less nano-footprint to our planet.

The Safest & Most Eco-friendly Methods

The world is continuously evolving as people are advancing using technology. More and more people are resorting to anything that could make everyday processes faster. However, sometimes, they fail to realize that not all fast is the best.

Take, for example, your skincare regimen. There is no quick way to get that youthful glowing skin overnight. Usually, you have to apply tons of beauty creams and ointments to maintain your skin’s health.

With that, women constantly use cotton pads, balls, and even swabs for topical applications. Usually, disposables are the easiest because after using them, you just have to throw them out. The problem is how much waste is added to the planet that takes thousands of years to remove.

Here are some alternatives to lessen waste so that the next generations could still enjoy the planet in the future.

1.    Washable makeup remover pads

If you apply makeup daily, you would be using at least two or three cotton pads or balls a day. That equates to 1,095 disposable cotton pads per year. Each makeup remover pad contains plastic that could not be dissolved in an average person’s lifetime.

Imagine how much waste you could avoid with washable makeup remover pads. Not only that, you prevent yourself from having to go through that beauty section rummaging for single-use cotton pads.

2.    Avoid chemicals

You know that you should avoid chemical preservatives because they could cause chemical reactions to your body. Choose cosmetics and beauty products that do not contain toxic elements or better get the ones that have the least amount.

Curious as to how to identify them? One pro tip is when you have a hard time reading an ingredient, it would be better to ditch the item from your shopping cart.

3.    Silicone eye masks

You could easily see through a person through his eyes, so it is a must to give them the care they need. Thankfully, reusable eye masks are invented so that you could have that dazzling eyes that could cover up any signs of tiredness and lack of sleep. 

4.    Soap bars

How many shampoo bottles have you already emptied? Too many to count, right? Switch to soap bars instead, so you throw less of the beauty shampoo bottles you have been using for the past years. 

5.    DIY Skincare

Many people have resorted to doing everything by themselves at home because of the lockdown, which includes their skincare regimen. You could make use of coffee grounds as an exfoliant to remove dead skin cells.

Egg whites are best at increasing hydration to your skin and helps fight skin aging. Honey helps leave your skin with a clear complexion. Many of the DIY ingredients are found in your cupboard. Why not try them out and see the difference they do to your skin and the planet? 

The natural ways

Besides applying lotions and creams to your skin, there are several ways to keep your skin looking supple. By being conscious about what you eat and your lifestyle, you could achieve that youthful glow even as you age. Here are some natural ways on how to keep you looking young.

1.    Drink plenty of fluids

Water flushes out toxins from the body, so make sure to drink at least eight to ten glasses a day. If you are not a fan of plain water, you could drink fizz water or infuse them with fruits to add more flavor.

2.    Get enough sleep

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep, so make it a point to snooze for at least seven or eight hours at night. If you have trouble falling asleep, try to avoid caffeine during the afternoon or any strenuous activities before bedtime.

3.    Eat fruits and vegetables

Make your meals colorful by incorporating fruits and veggies while cooking. Apart from adding more flavor to your dishes, the colors make your meals more appealing so you get all the nutrients that you need. 

4.    Workout

When you exercise, your body releases endorphins that make you happy. Not only that but working out also helps rid you of toxins through sweat. It also helps keep your blood circulation healthy, so all the vitamins from the healthy food that you eat reach their destination.


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