How to choose the best framework for web development?

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Here is a rating of frameworks, which in the thematic material of our blog were named the best basis for sites with individual functionality and optimal speed in web development.


Laravel is a relatively young framework that has gained maximum popularity and has gathered around itself a large community of developers. Anyone can study the technical documentation and take online courses to master this development system. As for the creators of the framework, they regularly update their product, endowing it with the latest PHP features, as well as promptly eliminating existing bugs.

This backend framework is ideal for similar tasks. It can be used in the development of various types of applications, if the use of PHP is relevant for them. Opportunities for organizing backends in mobile software are widely implemented.

Among the best PHP frameworks it is in the center of attention. With it, you can easily develop both web and mobile applications for small sites and large businesses. Laravel has many cool features like authorization technique, object oriented libraries, MVC support, database migrations, cross-site requests, etc.


It’s one of the most popular frameworks which are in the center of attention nowadays. We list the key features of this platform:

  1. Speed. The main goal of the framework is to help developers build an application as quickly as possible. The framework is ideal for developers with deadlines.
  2. Safety. You can even afford some security bugs. Typically, they involve SQL injection, cross-site request forgery and cross-site scripting. With this framework can be carried out a lot of difficult tasks.
  3. Scalability. Traffic needs can be quickly met with this solution.
  4. Full minced meat. The framework includes many additional options.


Installing this framework gives the webmaster access to the template engine and request routing. It is assumed that the remaining elements will be developed with their own hands, or connected from the existing ones.


This technical solution is relevant for mobile software and web applications. The developer has fundamental opportunities to work with the functionality of Node.js. You can use a relational and non-relational database, connect all kinds of verification modules and add-ins for data formatting by  Fireart Studio.


A typescript based framework with a design pattern at its core. The essence of the philosophy of this platform lies in improving development processes and solving existing problems with the architecture. Detailed documentation with examples is available. With a minimal entry point, this is the best choice for beginners.


His own community has gathered around him. Most of the modules for integration are presented in the basic configuration (caching and logging systems, authorization mechanics, etc.). Using the proprietary Bee utility, you can plan a project. The framework is suitable for developing applications for multiprocessor systems.


A versatile and stable platform ideal for solving global challenges. However, you can work with it with an in-depth knowledge of object-oriented technology and architectural thinking. During the initial interaction, it has a fairly high border of entry.

Nuances of choice

One of the key points affecting the quality of the future site is the choice of framework. This stage is the most important. All the technologies which were describes above, can be called complete in all respects. They are used in all spheres of development. Therefore, our advice will be outrageously banal. The user must rely on  programming language preference in the process of choice. Only you can formulate your own requirements in the best possible way. And only you know your strengths and weaknesses.


What do you think?

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