Plan Your Trip To Vietnam and Cambodia Tours

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Planning your Vietnam Cambodia Tours?

Explore unique hidden gems in Vietnam and Cambodia amidst misty mountains, emerald bays, blooming valleys, and endless rice paddy fields.

Maneuver through the Cambodian treasures like Angkor Wat and Phnom Penh. Or discover the popular Vietnamese gems like Halong Bay, Hoi An, Hanoi, and Saigon.

However, your Vietnam and Cambodia Tours don’t have to be restricted to these famous destinations. Unravel the hidden gems of these Southeast Asian countries.

We’ve created a list of unexplored destinations for you to visit in your next Tours to Vietnam and Cambodia. Enjoy the enhancing beauty and the serenity of these refreshing places, far from the congestion.

Explore stunning landscapes of Vietnam and cherish the experiences of a lifetime. Visit the blooming Sapa valley to relish a picturesque view of the snowy mountains. Indulge yourself in the glorious blend of the past and present in Ho Chi Mi City.

On the other hand, in Cambodia, explore timeless treasures such as the Angkor Wat temples. Enjoy the incredible bend of French charm and majestic design in Phnom Penh.

While these famous Vietnamese and Cambodian destinations offer incredible experiences, just a little distance away lie tranquil and clandestine locations, explored by a few lucky travelers.

Let the journey begin.

Explore the unexplored in your Vietnam Cambodia Tours.

Tours To Vietnam

Mu Cang Chai

Enjoy the lush green lowlands of Mu Cang Chai embedded with endless terraced rice paddies, verdant hills with narrow streams, picturesque shreds of smoke billowing from village huts.
It’s easy to reach Mu Cang Chai with Lao Cai and Sapa only a few hours away.

What can you do?

You can trek through the majestic hilly landscapes Meet the Vietnamese hill tribes and explore their lifestyle Ride a bicycle past the vibrant rice terraces Visit this Mu Cang Chai between September to early November to enjoy the beauty of the harvest season.

Pu Luong Nature Reserve

Another breathtakingly beautiful secluded haven. A paradise for a nature lover, enjoy the charms of the old world water wheels, enigmatic mountain passes, enhancing little villages, and captivating nature. Isn’t that a treat for your mind and soul?

What can you do?

Take a walk to Ban Hieu waterfalls and enjoy the tranquil nature Hike and trek away in the lap of nature Buon Ma Thuot Located in the Central Highlands, this small Vietnamese city is known as the “caffeine capital.” The city is an excellent base to explore the exquisite Dak Lak region.

Located just outside the city, this destination boasts of placid lakes, lavish rainforests, calming streams, and cooling waterfalls.

What can you do?

Visit the ethnic communities

Enjoy a trek in the largest protected reserve in Vietnam- Yok Don National Park Visit this exquisite Vietnamese destination during the biennial coffee festival to encounter a unique carnival involving fairs, sports, competitions, exhibitions, and coffee drinking.

Tours To Cambodia Battambang

Battambang presents you with a slice of authentic and traditional Cambodia. Admire the magnificent hilltop wats, experience the local weaver community’s local livelihood, and explore the rural vineyards.

There’s exclusive evidence of colonial influence in the city’s stunning architecture- colorful storefronts, French-style villas, and cafes reminiscing lining the streets and the riverfronts.
In the outskirts, snap yourself back into history by visiting Killing Fields, ancient ruins, archaic pagodas.

What’s Special?

Don’t miss Cambodia’s best-loved circus- the Phare Ponleu Selpak show.


Want a serene escape? Ratanakiri is an ideal destination. The untouched beauty is often described as the “lost paradise.”

What can you do?

Set-out on a pastoral excursion in the verdant Virachey National Park. Take a swim in the Yeak Laom volcanic lake Discover the magnificent waterfalls, bird and animal species Visit this place during winter between November and December to avoid bad roads.


Mondulkiri is the least populated Cambodian region; this region boasts a beautifully cool and harming climate throughout the year.

What can you do?

Indulge yourself in excursions, treks, bicycle rides, and hikes in the lap of mother nature. Enjoy the calming sound of gushing streams and waterfalls. With the highest population of elephants in Cambodia, you can visit the wildlife sanctuary to meet these majestic creatures. You can even pamper yourself with a breathing experience with a ride on elephant-back.

With so many unexplored natural paradises, Vietnam Cambodia Tours will fascinate you.


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