Shopify vs Squarespace: Which Is Best for Your Site?

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Which e-commerce store is best for your online shop? Shopify and Squarespace are two excellent e-commerce platforms. For business owners, a really good eCommerce site is important. The site needs to be functional and looks great to reel in customers. There are countless website builders for eCommerce stores. Our research narrows down your choices to the two leading choices.

At first glance, Shopify and Squarespace appear to be pretty even. Shopify stands out due to its excellent eCommerce tools. Business owners can get ready to start selling right away. Squarespace on the other hand will dazzle your customers with fancier and flashier aesthetics.

From the name Shopify, the eCommerce site was built to be a shop. It would appear Shopify is the outright winner. However, Squarespace does give them a run for their money, especially for small business owners. Moreover, Squarespace has improved over the years competing with Shopify evenly.

1. Similarities of Shopify and Squarespace

Security – Both website builders excel when it comes to security. This is a crucial feature every business owner will want in their shop. Security is not just good for you but also for building trust and confidence with customers. Both Shopify and Squarespace feature SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates that encrypt sites. These are both closed and run by Squarespace and Shopify developers without any third parties.

Excellent customer service – Shopify and Squarespace both have excellent customer service. Customers praise both sites for their timely and excellent customer service. You can be sure of great customer service behind you whenever you have issues with your site. The two sites also provide customers with on-site resources, FAQs, and how-to-videos. You can solve most problems without reaching out to customer support.

Simplicity – You don’t need to be a tech wizard to open an eCommerce store on both sites. You can easily set up your eCommerce store and have it looking great without much technical skills. However, both sites also offer tech users the ability to play with CSS and HTML for coding.

2. Major differences between Shopify and Squarespace

The two main differences between the two website builders are how they handle customers and how they look. Let’s discuss the main differences between these eCommerce builders.


Squarespace is the obvious winner when you want a visually attractive eCommerce site. It boasts an easy to drag and drop editor that does not require any coding knowledge. You can create a sleek and elegant site that will entice your customers. While you can also create an impressive Shopify shop, Square space is our winner here.

Ecommerce Tools and Apps

When it comes to eCommerce tools, Shopify is obvious with a wide range of advanced eCommerce tools and apps. This does not mean Squarespace cannot handle eCommerce. The difference is the breadth of capabilities. The tools offered by Squarespace are simple and intuitive for small businesses. However, for bigger businesses, Shopify is a clear leader rising to greater demands for serious businesses. Shopify also boasts a wealth of apps compared to the high-quality but limited Squarespace apps.

SEO and Payment process

Shopify is the outright winner when you consider SEO and payment processing. You can build your sites with some great tools and get visitors from Google and other search engines through SEO. The eCommerce builder also features some comprehensive payment options for its customers. Customers can pay through Apple Pay, PayPal, credit cards, and much more.

While Squarespace also offers SEO and excellent payment processing, Shopify stands out as the winner.


Shopify is too pricey when you compare the two sites. The Advanced Squarespace plan will cost you 40$ per month. However, that does not compare to the $266 per month that you will pay n Shopify for the same advanced plan.

Squarespace prices are generally cheaper ranging from $18 to $40 per month compared to Shopify where you pay up to $266.

Final verdict

In conclusion, both sites are great and the ideal one comes down to what type of eCommerce store you want. Shopify is for serious sellers with powerful eCommerce tools. It is a top-rated eCommerce builder for big businesses. However, this does not make it a great fit for every person.

This is where Squarespace comes in to fill the gap for small business owners. Squarespace is an excellent choice website builder for small business owners. It is known as the king of design with lovely templates. Squarespace comes with added seller tools but its tools are not advanced as Shopify. However, it’s more affordable. Having a clear understanding of these two leading eCommerce builders can help you choose the right one.


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