What to look for before buying a tennis ball machine?

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When looking for a tennis ball machine, there are many factors to consider. This guide will help you understand all of your options and give you the perfect machine for your needs. Here are the questions to ask yourself before choosing a machine.

Here we have provided the info that you need to know before buying a tennis ball machine. But if you want to read a complete comparison & a Complete guide you can check Tennis Equipment Reviews sites complete guide about best tennis ball machine.

What is your skill level?

Mostly it depends on your skill level, I mean what type of player you are? advance, ? intermediate? Or  beginners?

Advanced tennis players

Ball machines for advanced players must be able to feed a variety of shots with different spins, speeds, and heights. These machines are more expensive, but provide a great experience that easily pays for itself when compared to tutoring. You can create custom exercises with these machines.

Intermediate level players

Intermediate players are often looking to improve their game to the next level. Just like when choosing a tennis racket, you probably want to get a product that works for advanced players as well. You may not use all of the features right away, but as you push yourself with more difficult tennis drills, you will improve more quickly.


Beginners can buy a ball machine with fewer features. Usually they just need to hit more forehand and backhand from the baseline to improve their ground shots. Beginner tennis ball machines can feed balls at a slower pace, with no spin or variety. I recommend that beginners buy a less expensive machine and work on the movement to hit with the right hand and the back hand.

How often will you use the machine?

When buying a new ball machine, be serious about how often the machine is used. As we discussed earlier, the ball machine will pay for itself after a certain number of uses. However, if you only plan to use it a few times a year, then it may not be a good idea for you. Most machines are worth it if you can use them at least a few times a month.

If you are less serious about upgrading, then you should consider your budget and possibly find a friend or family member to split the machine with so you can justify it. We also recommend checking out the best tennis ball hoppers to make it easier to collect the balls and refill the machine.

What is your budget?

Buying a tennis ball machine is a costly decision up front, but one that pays for itself over time. You will have to consider how often you will use the machine, before you can do the math on how long it will take you to break even.

Again, to help mitigate the cost, you may consider sharing the machine with your doubles partner or another player at the local tennis courts. Country clubs and tennis centers can rent the machine to players to help pay for it as well.

Tennis Ball Machine Features

Before buying a tennis ball machine, you have to understand all the features that a ball machine has to offer. The main characteristics and definitions of each are explained below.

Tennis ball capacity

How many tennis balls can fit in the machine at a time? In other words, how many balls can you hit before you have to collect the balls and refill the machine?

Feeding rate

How long do you have between injections? This is very important because intermadiate & advanced players will want to look for machines that can feed the balls quickly. Beginners should seek more time between shots as they don’t hit the ball as hard.


Horizontal oscillation refers to the ability of the machine to feed balls to both sides of the tennis court. Some ball machines can only feed in one direction, while more advanced ones can feed both left and right.

This becomes important for piercing. If you want to practice high, high and low lobes, for example, you will need a machine that can provide a different vertical oscillation on each shot.

Ball Speed ​​& Spin

Speed ​​is how fast the machine can feed each individual tennis ball. Advanced players need a machine that feeds the ball with more force to simulate a real match. Spin refers to the spin of the ball. Unless you are a complete beginner, you probably want a machine that can hit both topspin balls and slice shots.

Custom drills

Many of the machines below allow you to create custom tennis drills. This is like having a personal trainer and is a great feature for those who are serious about improvement. For example, you can program a machine to do a deep forehand topspin, followed by a short backhand approach, and then a forehand high volley. This would help you work on the entrance to the network

Control: Phone App, Remote or Panel

One of the most important factors is how you control the machine. Most machines come with some kind of remote control feature and some even have a downloadable app for your phone. Others have only one panel on the machine itself.

Size and size; Weight

If you need a mobile machine, make sure you don’t buy something that won’t fit in your car.


Tennis ball machines are powered through a normal electrical outlet, or have a rechargeable battery. In some machines, the battery is sold separately.


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