Cost Effective Ways to Improve Your Golf Game

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Playing golf is not a cheap pastime with green fees and memberships often costing an arm and a leg, even if you choose to play at a more down-to-earth course.

However, this should not hold players back too much from slashing their handicap, because there are multiple ways in which they can fine tune their game without breaking the bank.

Here are some of the ways to get better at golf on the cheap.

There is no excuse for not getting better at putting and improving touch around the greens

Watch How the Pros Do It

One of the best ways to get better at any sport is to watch how pros whose names appear in sports betting odds do things, and golf is no different.

Luckily, most major PGA Tour and European Tour events are televised, either on traditional cable channels or via betting apps that include live streaming as part of their service. Some of these can be found via comparison websites which also collate useful things like the 2021 Open Championship winner betting odds.

Any time spent studying the swings and putting techniques of the best in the game is always time well spent, especially if they deliver for a parlay or two in the process.

Adopt some of these techniques and before you know it you will be driving long and straight all day long

Putt When and Wherever You Can

Most amateur handicaps are inflated solely by the fact that players tend not to practice the art of putting.

To start making easy work of those tricky 8-to-10-foot putts, there is nothing better than setting up a mini putting green in your home study, office, or kitchen.

Add a gadget like a specially designed putting aid, and before you know it you will be draining putts left, right, and center.

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Chip into a Bag or Bin

Another vital part of any player’s short game is being able to pitch or chip their ball into exactly the section of green they want to hit.

Far from needing an entire green and fairway to practice this, people can simply arrange a bucket or bag in their back garden or local park, into which they must try and chip as many balls as possible. It may sound simple, but it sure is effective!

Nets and Drills

Another great way to hone technique while at home is to set up a hitting net and then combine it with some special drills, all of which can perfect different aspects of your swing and setup.


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