5 Best Hikes in Nepal for every adventure lover

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The first successful ascent of Mt. Everest took nearly 68 years, and ever since then, there has been tremendous change in the trekking scene of Nepal’s Himalayas. Nepal’s Himalayas are becoming more and more accessible day by day for explorers and mountain lovers. And because of this gradual development, people worldwide travel to Nepal to enjoy the beauty of its massive snow-capped cliffs. Besides, visiting Nepal is a complete package that entails full participation of Mother Nature, as it involves traversing great valleys, serene villages, twisty mountain trails strewn with a long chain of snow-capped peaks. And through activities like hiking or trekking, travelers can appreciate these beautiful aspects of nature altogether.

Furthermore, an increasing number of people travel in search of pristine nature, rich cultural connections, and one-of-a-kind experiences away from the tourist crowds. Trekking is probably the best way for visitors who prefer such an environment to connect with such enjoyments.

As a result, for travelers looking for an adventure in the massive mountains’ vicinity, here are the top 5 best hikes in Nepal you should know about.

Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp trek has long been Nepal’s most popular adventure. And there’s a good reason why it’s such a popular trekking destination in the world. The journey showcases all of the breathtaking aspects of Himalayan trekking. It is a standard two-week trekking journey to Everest Base Camp, passing through green foothills and Buddhist monasteries. Hiking through the stonewalled, slate-roofed villages, you reach the heart of mountains to arrive among the moraines of the Everest Base Camp.

It is a spectacular journey, which takes you to the height of 5364 meters at Everest Base Camp, and it is suitable for beginners as well. As much as it offers a rich cultural picture, it also presents the vibrancy of wild vegetation that persists in the area. As much as the journey is about seeing mountains closely, it is also about exploring and immersing in this region’s cultural brilliance.  

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Another extraordinary trekking destination is the Annapurna Base Camp Trek. The journey is also popularly known as Annapurna Sanctuary Trek, as most trekking route entails navigating Annapurna Conservation Area. The trip involves being in the constant presence of the magnificent white Himalayas. It’s also a relatively short and easy hike that doesn’t go too high.

The journey takes you through subtropical hills to the north of Pokhara, passing through oak forests, birch, rhododendron, and bamboo. You eventually arrive at the alpine zone surrounding Machapuchare base camp. It also entails traveling through rural villages and experiencing authentic Nepalese lifestyles. Overall, it is a breathtaking journey that offers an amphitheater of peaks such as Machhapuchhre, the Annapurna massif, Gangapurna, and many more.

Annapurna Circuit Trek

One of the quintessential treks, it takes you through nearly all of Nepal’s landscapes. From subtropical valleys characterized by banana plants and gushing, murky jungle rivers to gorgeous woodlands and conifer forests higher up to rock and ice wastelands. The journey is a little tricky because it requires passing through Thorung La pass (5416 meters). The journey is a little tricky because it requires passing through Thorung La pass (5416 meters).

From there, trekkers descend progressively to Muktinath. Muktinath is a fascinating Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage site. Thus, pilgrims visit the temple to seek blessing. After the temple visit, drop into a drier region of eroded river gorges, lush oases, and castle-like monasteries around Kagbeni and Jomsom.

Above all, the Annapurna Circuit trek is an awe-inspiring journey that provides a sense of accomplishment as you hike through these trails.

Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Valley Trek is a beautiful trek in the north of Kathmandu. Primarily known as the “Valley of a glacier,” the valley is less busy but the most preferred trekking route of Nepal. Langtang valley brings you to the beautiful stone wall village, high alpine pastures, holy lakes, stunning mountain views, and cultural interactions. As told earlier, it is a relatively short trekking journey that is close to Kathmandu city, and anyone looking for a short gateway can go on this journey.

Usually, when trekking in Nepal, it takes to see the gigantic views of mountains so soon. But, in this journey, before you know, you will find yourself in the presence of a tranquil mountain village, hiking through flower meadows, crossing rushing rivers, and a snow-bound pass. In conclusion, it is a pretty fantastic trek that exposes Himalayan grandeur in the simplest way possible.

Manaslu Circuit Trek

Wonders never cease on the Manaslu Circuit trek. Visitors on this trek will hike through steamy lowland valleys and paddy fields to lush jungles of the Manaslu conservation area. The conservation area is home to snow cats such as leopards and much more. Similarly, the journey goes through mystical valleys rich in Tibetan culture and monasteries stuffed with treasures. The trek route is new compared to the other treks mentioned above, so it is remarkably peaceful and provides an opportunity to see traditional village life where medieval ways still exist.

A primitive way of life persists in this region. Therefore, for anyone who is piqued about the remote and traditional way of life, the Manaslu Circuit trek is perfect for them. From offering cultural benevolence to natural highlights, the journey encompasses all the features.

These are some of the best hikes in Nepal. One would get to explore much more once they are here. Plus, one will definitely find far more exciting things than the highlights mentioned above. As we all know, Nepal is a land of snow peaks, and various trekking trails here promise an epic adventure.


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