Make your wedding cherish able with your life partner

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The day of your wedding has finally arrived. You have always dreamt of celebrating your wedding on a large scale with your life partner full of festivities and glamour. You want your wedding to be perfect and beautiful with your soul partner with whom you are going to spend the rest of your life. You want to seize the bundle of your memories with him under the twinkling stars. You want to take vows of eternity with him to brighten up your entire life. Being the bride, you want to capture the happy moments of your life with your husband to be cherishable with the rest of your life. You want to give him a surprise on the day of the wedding to make it more special and memorable for both of you.

Given below is the list of top cake ideas which you can give to husband on the wedding day:

  • Heart-Shaped Chocolate Cake

To surprise your beloved on the eve of the wedding, what’s better than having a chocolate cake? The Chocolate cake which is loved by everyone will astound your husband and make him fall in love with its exotic texture and designs. To celebrate the moment of togetherness with your lover on a special day, you must order through online cake delivery in Delhi to get it delivered at the correct time. The topmost layer of the cake is designed with a small heart made of chocolate syrup which is mixed with vanilla essence to bring out the beauty of it. You can attach a cute tagline on the top of the cake to express your love and adoration for him. Garnish your cake with lots of love and warmth to deepen your bond with him.

  • Designer Love Couple Vanilla Cake

To arrange a delicious yet attractive cake for your husband on the day of the wedding, you must try out this designer love couple vanilla cake. If you are bored with chocolate cake, then you must go for this designer cake. This designer cake will convey your fondness and admiration to your husband. The sketch of a boy presenting his heart to his beloved is designed on the top part of the cake along with the small-small heart shapes at the baseline of the cake make it more pretty and pleasing. Enrich the moments of love with your husband on the day of your wedding.

  • Colourful Love Cake

To express your love and to amaze your spouse on the day of the wedding, try this cute yet attractive colourful love cake which has cream filled in all its layers and the outline of the cake is filled with poppies and colourful candies. Every bite of the cake will expose you to multiple flavours and your husband won’t be able to resist its charms. The top part of the cake is festoon with beautiful hearts with the letters of LOVE pasted on it which make it more delightful and exquisite. You can place an online order to the famous bakery shop as cake delivery in indore is now welcomed in various parts of the city.

  • Crunchy Kit Kat Cake

If you know that your groom is a big-time foodie, then he will love this mouth-watering cake. This irresistible cake will increase his craving out and he will fall in love with its fine texture and magical flavour. The base of the cake is filled with two layers, one is carved out of crunchy kit kat and the other is covered with chocolate chips. The top layer of the cake will water your mouth as it is filled with hot chocolate chips and cookies. Spread the message of your love for your husband to the entire world and celebrate it with this lovely cake.

  • Double Chocolate Mousse Cake

You are planning to thunderbolt your husband on the day of the wedding but in return, you get surprised by this beautiful cake sent by your friends. Your dear friend who is away from you and couldn’t attend your wedding astonishes you as she sends Birthday cake onlineto make your day extra special and exceptional. This beautiful moment that you share with your husband makes your day worth living!!

To make your wedding day special and memorable with your husband, try these above-mentioned cakes.


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