Hair loss is healed, just briefly talk about the Process of Chinese medicine treatment

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When it comes to hair loss, many people must have sympathy, and they can tell you about it. But when it comes to hair loss treated by Chinese medicine, most people are skeptical and don’t believe it at all. I didn’t believe in what I used to be, but the facts still changed my view.

        I don’t know the specific cause of hair loss. Mom and dad have no hair loss, and there is no genetic problem, but since I graduated from university, I have been experiencing hair loss inexplicably. I cut my hair short according to what others said, but it still didn’t stop the hair loss. The hair is oily, itchy, and there are a lot of it falling out, which is really troublesome. The body is more spiritual, so I want to take care of it seriously.

        Then I worked a lot and spent a lot of time to understand hair loss. I also saw a lot of recuperated methods, so I just gave up hair growth liquid and small remedies. I went to the hospital and took a blood test first, and then asked the doctor to look at the condition of the scalp. Without too many accidents, the doctor prescribed some kind of drug, lotion, and vitamins to eat.

        In fact, when I saw the drug, I was still hesitating, should I use this, do I really have to use this? Is there no other way? Although there are many doubts, the drug is still the best choice at the moment, so I wanted to try it. The density is not high, and it should not be as strong. Let me talk about my personal feelings. I used it more carefully. Hair grows in other places, but it really feels itchy after using it. Originally, my scalp sometimes feels itchy, and it becomes more itchy after using it. The key is really going to be mad. I started to take it off after half a month of use. I patiently insisted on using it for 2 months. I still take it off. I really can’t bear it anymore, so I don’t insist on it. If you can persist with it, you can also try it.

        Immediately afterwards, I went to see a Chinese medicine doctor, ha ha, I am really a decisive person, and I am not discouraged. I feel that my hair loss will definitely be cured. Let my parents ask my relatives if there is a reliable Chinese medicine hospital for recommendation. After that, I went to a house. The doctor was kind. He is not pilgarlic. He was relieved instantly. The doctor asked in detail. He also checked the pulse and the tongue. Later, I dispense Chinese herbs. On the one hand, there is also a spray, which is used to spray the scalp, this will not have a frantic period, so use it for peace of mind.

        After I went back, I listened to the doctor’s instructions and kept using it. It took less than a month and there was no significant hair loss. I insisted on using it again. Now there are a lot of small hairs growing on my head, hoping to get more hair. it is good!

        I also want to tell you that if you find your hair loss, don’t delay it. Go and see doctors in time. If it is serious, it is more difficult to treat. If you maintain an optimistic mood, you will definitely recover!

        In addition, the doctor also tell me a lot of precautions, now I share them:

        1. Do not stay up late and staying up late will cause the body to be in a state of stress for a long time, the normal metabolism of the scalp will be affected, and it is also prone to problems such as greasy hair, increased dandruff, and hair loss.

        2. Exercising more, hair is a sign of good health, maintaining your hair is equal to maintaining your health. Therefore, if you have nothing to do, exercise more to ensure your health.

        3. Massage the scalp, the scalp has abundant nerve endings and blood flow. Frequent scalp massage can promote blood circulation, strengthen local hair follicle oxygen supply, and maintain normal hair growth.

        4. Make the scalp sunscreen. After the hair is exposed to the sun, structural changes occur in the internal cells, and the mysonic pigment in the hair is decomposed, which can easily cause the ends of the hair to split and break. Therefore, when you go out in summer, you can choose a sunhat or a sunshade with sun protection effect. .


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